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Government to make legal umbrella for West Papua

Special autonomy is still on going process and we can not say whether it is successful or fail. Papuan leading figures are working very hard to support development particularly in the transportation sector in an effort to boost economic growth in Papua and West Papua. It is very fortunate that Indonesia is democratic now, that is why the government, federal and local both are very serious in their efforts to build Papua. Recent development of the meeting between Papuan leading figures and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is very promising to guarantee the successfulness of special autonomy.

However, there are some people who feel left behind because they only think for personal benefit. Those people never think about the future of Papuan, especially for the next generation.

The world will go on. Papuan leading figures are already showing their sincerity to President Yudhoyono. The President was very attentive to the problem and will implement policy for the benefit of Papuan.

Here is the news reference: 

03/05/08 09:50
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The government is expected to issue a government
regulation in lieu of law as a legal umbrella for West Papua in the framework of
special autonomy as stipulated in Law No.21/2001, President Susilo Bambang
Yudoyono said.

“In a meeting, I and leading figures from Papua and West Papua provinces agreed
to make a government regulation in lieu of law on the existence of West Papua to
make all become clear,” the president said after receiving leading figures from
Papua and West Papua here Tuesday.

The head of state also agreed to form a coordination agency which would deal
with special autonomy funds allocated for Papua and West Papua provinces.

“There are a lot of funds for special autonomy programs and thus a coordination
agency is needed to manage them (the funds),” the president said.

The structure of the agency would be made in line with the needs of government
institutions in Papua and West Papua, and if it was considered proportional and
efficient the president would approve it, he said.

He also called on relevant parties to be prudent in their programs to split
certain areas in Indonesia under good plans.

“I received insights from leading figures from Papua and West Papua that they
(the provinces) should follow other provinces in Indonesia which have exercised
moratorium on the process to split their regions,” he said.

The president agreed that the splitting of regions should give advantages to all
people, not only to a number of persons.

On the Presidential Instruction No. 5/2007 on the development acceleration
especially in food resilience in Papua, the president saw there were several
things which should be harmonized so as to make the instruction implemented

Yudhoyono also asked the Papuan leading figures attending the meeting to heed
crimes on forest concession and illegal logging as forests must give maximum
benefits to the people.

“In the meeting, I also underscored the importance of infrastructure development
particularly in the transportation sector in an effort to boost economic growth
in Papua and West Papua,” he said. (*)

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

One thought on “Government to make legal umbrella for West Papua Leave a comment

  1. It is ignorant to think that after the implmentation of the special autonomy on 2001, which obviously was a failed one, should be the best choice for the West Papuans, 3 years of poor implementation should be more than enough proof, that special autonomy is NOT the best alternative for the West Papuan.

    Based on the facts than it is against the will of majority of the West Papuans, Special Autonomy is not a decision made based on the “Voice of the People “. If Indonesia is a democratic country, than they should let the West Papuans to decide their own faith.

    Who are you to decide the faith of other human being? Who are you to drawn the conclusion that the West Papuan dont know what they want?

    Developement of country is something that, every government be it small or big are able to practice, as long as it meets the demand of the majority it is okay.

    It has been 50 years West Papua has been under the Indonesian govenrment, it is strange and sad for a place where they are rich with natural resources, yet, they are one of the most un-developed province in Indonesia.

    Only West Papuan knows what is best for them, and the fire of freedom is in every child, man and woman. And so, West Papua must be Free.

    That is the only solution, and if Indonesia is a “democratic” country, as they say they are. than let the majority speak.

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