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Archives of West Papua Blog

High mountain, high stakes

President Yudhoyono observes Malaria Day

London Free West Papua Campaign

Dozens of Indonesia`s dancer performed in ASEAN arts forum

Poor Access on Electricity in West Papua

West Papua: The Truth and Lies

45th anniversary of Papua integration to Indonesia

Malaria-free Indonesia by 2030: A promise for better Papua

Is West Papua being eco-colonised?

Special Autonomy: International Image versus Reality

Indonesia govt blamed for stagnant special autonomy in Papua

Papua’s international image

The British Human Rights Report 2007

U.S. firm to invest $4 bln in Indonesian pulp factory

Papua log export ban

Another AWPA Black Propaganda

Community Policing in the Papua region

Human Rights Watch Press Release on Papua


NGO raises concerns about Papuan

BP Shattered Illusions

radio pikonane connecting papua central highlands

The Indonesian military is not genocidal

Unreasonable Restrictions on International Access to West Papua

Higher Tangguh LNG Price

Reduction of HIV/AIDS Funding to Indonesia

Transall C-160 cargo aircratf erupts in flames in Indonesia

Government to make legal umbrella for West Papua

Britain’s Duke of York in Jakarta

Students stage rallies across Papua in call for referendum on self determination

On US Congress Letter to UN

Jamie SW of the Heathlander

UK Prince to visit Indonesia

Papuan Should Watch Sustainable Multinational Project

Franzalbert Joku and Nicholas Simion Messet

Kosovo and Papua: Incomparable Case

A New Papua?

Papuan People Assembly under fire ahead of Kalla trip

Lorentz National Park, Indonesia

Freeport Report

Australia Aid Package

Degree  of Press Freedom in Papua

Papua Issue in Indonesia-UK Relation

Papua Issue in Indonesia-Australia Relation

AIDS Battle in Papua

Indonesian: Who are we?

Leatherback Turtle  swims from Indonesia to Oregon in Epic Journey

Radio connects remote papuan village

Australia Indonesia Boost Anti Terrorism Security Cooperation

Indonesia, Australia say winning against  extremists

Nine people missing after ship sinks in eastern Indonesian sea

Kevin Rudd to meet Indonesian Foreign Minister

Visit Indonesia Year 2008: Papua

The Rivers and Lakes of Papua

New Indonesia and Aussie Security Pact

Suharto in Inside Indonesia

Lake Sentani Festival in July 2008

Freeport pays Indonesia 18 billion dollars in 2007

Asmat Opposes Separatism

The death of Suharto: What next for Papua?

Human Rights Report on Papua

Breaking News: Indonesian jet kills bystander

Papua and the Blessing of Its Natural Resources


Investment News: Talisman Energy deal boosts competitive position in LNG market

Breaking News: Indonesian plane hits calf on runway

Call for consultation over Jakarta’s plan to further split Papua

Amnesty Exeter Invites Papua’s Separatist Leaders in London

Papuans’ Intellectual Freedom

Shame on Richard Samuelson

The West Papuans Refugees Ordered to Leave Site

Paradise Islands of Raja Ampat Papua

Search continues for four missing in deadly Papua landslide

Landslide in Indonesia kills 10

Let Democratisation Spread in West Papua

Indonesia allows US congressman to visit Papua

Religious leaders in Indonesia’s Papua province demand halt to development programmes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

West Papua: Special Treatment

The Hardliners on Either Side Need Each Other

West Papua


Papua Indigenous Peoples Empowerment (PIPE) Programme

Time to think about the future of West Papua

Views & Perspectives, Facts on Indonesia’s Sovereignty over West Papua

Avoiding deforestation will help eradicate poverty

But is it democratic?

Pluralism, Tolerance and Stability in West Papua

Democracy within West Papua Special Autonomy

Stay Safe

Breaking News: Interview with Barnabas Suebu

True Hero of West Papua

Root of Conflict and Peace Agendas for Papua

Papuan Traditional Dance

Freedom Inside Indonesian Democracy

Free West Papua

11 thoughts on “Archives of West Papua Blog Leave a comment

  1. August 30, 2008



    We are sophomore students from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, Philippines. On our History class, we are discussing World History and we focus on Asian Perspective, our main topic is about cultivating the cultures of our ethnic brothers and sisters and their way of life.

    Since we have seen your mission-vision in supporting indigenous tribes, we extend our deepest support. We believe that your organization can make a change, a change that will let other people understand the real beauty of their cultures and differences.

    We hope you will continue your goals and activities in preserving cultures and empowering our ethnic brothers and sisters.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Second Year student’s of
    St. Scholastica’s College

  2. O atau M, rakyat Papua menderita bung!

    Lebih baik bongkar kasus-kasus korupsi dana Otsus yang trilyunan rupiah, perbaiki operasi keamanan agar lebih manusiawi dan berdialog…orang Papua ta suka bertikai, tapi lebih ta suka kebohongan dan tipu-tipu…hingga akhirnya kami menjadi suku bangsa yang ter…ter…ter.

    Sudahlah ta usah banyak konsep dan bicara seperti penipu Benny Wenda, bung ta ada bedanya dengan Benny Wenda yang banyak omong kosong tipu-tipu mahasiswa untuk picu kerusuhan di Papua, padahal di Inggris sana menikmati kemewahan dan terima banyak dana untuk dia punya hidup toh!

    Janganlah bung jual masalah Papua untuk kepentingan pribadi, bung dibayar berapa untuk buat ini blog, sama toh dengan Benny Wenda yang dibayar untuk kacaukan pembangunan Papua.

    Rakyat Papua sudah jenuh dan cape dengan kebohongan Pemdakah, OPMkah, Jakartakah, mulailah kerja nyata tolonglah kami dari pendidikan yang rendah, dari kesehatan yang buruk, dari kemiskinan dan kelaparan.

    Kami rakyat Papua ta lagi percaya kebohongan Benny Wenda dan bung punya cerita, jadi tolonglah tunjukkan kerja nyata saja. Kami rakyat Papua siap membangun tanah damai Papua.


  3. can you explain the difference between…..autonomy and right to self-determination …. doesn’t autonomy give the people of that region full power ..except for the federal powers concerning the national security…. autonomy gives the concern state power over economic and politics… and one more thing Benny Wenda as Lanis only asking for his people….what about the other people living there … am not only talking about the so called 250 native papuan… what about the immigrans.. they don’t seem to have any share.. if Benny Wenda want an autonomous state…immigrants from Java, Sulawesi, Mollucas might want a separate state too…so plz don’t only think about yourself … there are others living here too who at present are remaining silent …don’t take their silence as their weakness..

  4. After nearly thirty two years of authoritarian regime of New Order, the Indonesian reform from 1998 will be a promise of a steadily improving economy and special autonomy in West Papua.

  5. I think that Indonesian Army and Police Force should be encouraged to defeat terrorism by the support given by the people of this country.

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