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Nabire, the Capital of Central Papua Province

Nabire, is a district that was decided by the Indonesian Parliament to be the capital of Central Papua Province at the meeting to ratify the Law for the Establishment of a New Autonomous Region (DOB), at the Indonesian Parliament Building, Jakarta, Thursday (30/6/20220).

What are the ins and outs of Nabire Regency?

Based on data from the Nabire Regency Government, Geographically, Nabire Regency is located between West Longitude: 134° 33”-136° 15” and North Latitude: 2° 28”- 3° 56”, with an administrative area of 12,075 ,00 Km², and a coastline length of 473 Km², and an ocean area of 914,056.96 Ha.

Map of Nabire (photo:

Currently, Nabire Regency is led by the Regent of Mesak Magai and his deputy, Ismail Jamaludian, who won the 2021 Regional Head Election, and at that time had a Re-Voting (PSU) title.

Nabire District has 15 districts including Nabire District, West Nabire District, Teluk Kimi District, Makimi District, Wanggar District, Yaro District, Yaur District, Moora District, Teluk Umar District, Napan District, Uwapa District, Siriwo District, Dipa District, District Menou and Wapoga District.

Community houses are located along the coast and even the airport, and several government buildings are located not far from the sea.

Kota Nabire di Sepanjang Pantai (Photo: West Papua Onlie)
Kota Nabire (photo: West Papua Online)

Nabire Regency is one of the regencies that supports the needs of nine basic commodities (sembako) and other needs for 3 regencies, namely Paniai Regency, Dogiyai Regency, Deiyai ​​Regency, all of which can be reached by land taking 6-8 hours.

The basic needs that were brought from Nabire to the 3 districts were transported using cross trucks. Not infrequently the truck drivers deliver basic necessities together at night, so that they arrive in other districts at dawn or early in the morning.

The uniqueness of public transportation vehicles used to serve the community to other districts, namely using luxury vehicles such as Pajero Sport, Fortuner and others, with rates ranging from Rp. 150 thousand – 300 thousand per person.

The residents of Nabire Regency who inhabit Nabire City are not only the indigenous Nabire tribe, but there are also other tribes in Papua. Including other tribes in Indonesia, such as from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku.

Like other areas of Papua, Nabire Regency for the indigenous population has a tribal head, and the migrants have a head of harmony from each ethnic group from their area.

Every year the local government of Nabire holds a competition event and a cultural week bazaar that showcases the culture and traditions of each regional tribe in Nabire.

This aims to strengthen the ties of brotherhood and harmony between the tribes who inhabit the city of Nabire.

Nabire cultural arts festival (photo:

For the jurisdiction of Nabire Regency, there are Polres, Kodim, Mako TNI AL, Battalion, Polsek, Army rifle company, Mako Brimob, and Mako TNI AU.

Nabire Regency has a very large seaport that can accommodate passenger ships, namely pioneer ships and ships from PT Pelni, namely KM Tidar, KM Gunung Dempo, and KM Labobar, with shipping routes within Papua and outside Papua.

For Pelni ships, three times a week they dock at the port.

For Nabire port as well as a dropper port for all types of goods from outside Papua for some basic needs to the needs of the entire community of Nabire Regency, as well as other regencies that are within land reach, so that Nabire port has container storage of up to thousands.

Sambusa Port. Nabire (photo:

The distance from the port to Nabire City is only 15-20 minutes away, and along the way there are grocery warehouses and others.

Every day, trucks loaded with containers go back and forth along the protocol roads. The city of Nabire already has a 2-lane road, so the city never has the word “Jack” along the way.

Nabire Regency also has an airport that has been around for a long time, and has landed ATR aircraft of the type Wings Air, Garuda, Hercules and several other commercial aircraft.

Pilot aircraft at Nabire Airport also serve routes to airports in the interior, such as Intan Jaya, Ilaga, and other areas.

Nabire Airport (photo:

Nabire Airport also has several helicopters to serve flights to remote areas that cannot be accommodated by pioneer aircraft.

For land transportation, there is a Damri bus fleet to reach 15 districts in Nabire Regency.

Nabire Regency has a very large Regional General Hospital (RSUD) with fairly good facilities, and already has several medical specialists.

Apart from hospitals, there are also several other health facilities, including several puskesmas, a hospital belonging to the Indonesian Army, and several other private clinics.

For education in Nabire Regency, apart from public schools there are also private schools. There is also a USWIM campus and other private campuses.

Other public facilities in Nabire Regency have been established by PT PLN main to distribute electricity needs to all corners of Nabire Regency.

There is also a PT Pertamina depot to serve fuel needs in 3 regencies reached by land, namely Paniai Regency, Dogoyai Regency and Deiyai ​​Regency.

For banking, there are Bank Papua, Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Bank Danamon, Bank Mega, and BPR.

The sources of livelihood for the people who live in Nabire City include working as civil servants, traders, fishermen, services, agriculture, animal husbandry and so on.

Nabire also has abundant natural resources including gold mines in several areas, such as the Bihewa River, Musairo Legare River, Wanggar River, Topo River, Yaro River and many others.

Gold Mining at Topo River (photo: Youtube channel Plan toH)

All of these have not been processed in a modern system, and are still processed using manual tools by the local community.

Other natural resources are marine products in the form of very abundant tuna, as well as plantation products such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, rice and others.

For forest products, Nabire Regency has produced ironwood processed by local residents, and there are also logging companies operating, and palm oil companies.

For tourist destinations, Nabire Regency has dozens of very good beaches as a vacation spot with family.

Nabire Beach

Some beach managers provide lodging facilities that are very affordable.

In addition, there are tourist destinations that are very interesting and have been known to foreign countries, namely diving with whale sharks, but in certain months.

Whale Shark at Cendrawasih Bay, Nabire (photo caption: Youtube channel Kaufik Anril)
Diving with Whale Shark at Cendrawasih Bay, Nabire (photo caption: Youtube channel Kaufik Anril)
Diving with Whale Shark at Kwatisore, Cendrawasih Bay, Nabire (photo caption: Youtube Jupo channel)

The people of Kwatisore usually refer to whale sharks as hiniotanibre (ghost fish). “Local fishermen call it a ghost fish because it often suddenly appears beside the boat and rubs its body against the body of the boat,” said Ben Gurion Saroy, head of the Cendrawasih Bay National Park, Kwatisore marine area authority.

Source: Seputar Papua and

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