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Paniai Regent Calls Central Papua’s Capital Ideal in Nabire

Regent of Paniai, Meki Fritz Nawipa (Photo: special)
Regent of Paniai, Meki Fritz Nawipa (Photo: special)

Jakarta, – The Regent of Paniai, Meki Fritz Nawipa said, if the Central Papua Province was to be formed, the capital city would ideally be located in Nabire.

“The issue of the division of Central Papua Province is getting hotter. Many are against it, but the central government hopes that this should go ahead. We as regional leaders must be able to secure all sides. On this occasion, I would like to refute the statement of the Regent of Mimika Eltinus Omaleng who declared the capital of Papua Province Central and municipalities in Timika,” said Meki Fritz, in his statement, Sunday (2/13/2022).

According to him, regarding the future capital city of Central Papua Province in Nabire, it has been agreed upon by a number of regional heads, namely the Regent of Dogiyai, Regent of Deiyai, Regent of Intan Jaya, Regent of Puncak Jaya, Regent of Nabire, and Regent of Paniai.

If the goal of pemekaran is to prosper the Papuan people, the capital city of Central Papua should be Nabire.

“But if the goal is so that newcomers can enjoy this, it means in Timika,” he said.

He revealed that until now only the Regent of Mimika has rejected the position of the capital city in Nabire. This is the result of a meeting some time ago.

“We have agreed, and will hold a press conference in the near future regarding this. It is impossible for the capital city to be in Timika. The majority of regional heads are in Nabire. Regent Eltinus cannot make his own decisions. If he wants to join Bomberai, please, we are Meepago. If the capital city cannot be in Nabire, then we will still join the Papua Province with the capital Jayapura,” said Meki Fritz.

Another reason why they insist on this decision, is the historical background. In the past, when Nabire was the capital of Paniai Regency, Mimika was the capital of Fakfak Regency.

“Actually, we in Paniai Regency had previously proposed the existence of Central Irian Jaya Province with the capital city Nabire. Mimika was not included because she was included in Fakfak Regency,” said the dropout from the pilot academy in Australia. ‘


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