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Support special autonomy and the new autonomous region, Regional Leaders and Leaders of West Papua Send Declaration Documents to President Jokowi

MANOKWARI – The Acting Governor of West Papua Paulus Waterpauw sent the West Papua People’s Declaration Document containing support for the Special Autonomy (Otsus) policy and the establishment of a New Autonomous Region (DOB) in Papua to President Joko Widodo in Jakarta.

Paulus Waterpauw, who was contacted from Manokwari, Thursday (16/6), said that the declaration of support for Otsus and DOB was an agreement between regents, mayors, Forkopimda, religious leaders, traditional leaders, youth leaders, women leaders, and the people of West Papua.

In addition to being sent to President Jokowi, declarations of support for Otsus and DOB were sent to the heads of the highest and highest state institutions as well as a number of ministers in the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet.

“The declaration of support for the Otsus and DOB policies is submitted to the President, Vice President, Chair of the MPR RI, Chair of the DPR RI, Chair of the DPD RI, Menkopolhukam, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Finance, Menkumham, Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas, and Chief of Presidential Staff,” said Waterpauw.

He emphasized that the contents of the declaration by leaders and people from various backgrounds confirmed the unanimity of the attitude of the West Papuan people who wanted expansion in the form of new autonomous regions and special autonomy.

“Together with the Forkopimda of West Papua Province and the regents, mayors throughout the province of West Papua, traditional leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, laborers, women’s leaders, and youth leaders representing all levels of society in West Papua Province, they are committed to supporting the implementation of the Special Autonomy policy in West Papua Province. the land of Papua,” said one of the contents of the declaration.

DOB and Otsus are requested to be carried out in accordance with Law Number 2 of 2021 in order to accelerate the development of the welfare of indigenous Papuans (OAP) within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Before being sent to President Jokowi, the declaration of support was read before the West Papuan Regents/Mayors Working Meeting Forum at the PKK Building, Arfai, June 14, 2022.

Zakarias Horota as Secretary of the Papuan Customary Council Region III Doberai read the declaration after it was preceded by the submission of the aspirations of community leader Soleiman Sikirit, and youth leader Sius Dowansiba.

Waterpauw, who is a native Papuan son and former West Papuan Regional Police Chief, said that the declaration of support for expansion from the regents and the people of West Papua was one of the results of the implementation of the Plenary Work Meeting of Regents and Mayors throughout West Papua.

The working meeting for regents and mayors serves as a forum for government consolidation, cooperation, and synchronization of programs in the regions with the provinces.

“The aim is to support the administration, government solidity, and regional autonomy in order to realize a clean, effective and responsible government,” said Waterpauw.

Waterpauw also signed the declaration document with the regents, mayors, and community leaders of West Papua.

The declaration document of support for Otsus and DOB was signed by Regent Maybrat Bernard Sagrim, Regent of Teluk Wondama Hendrik Syake Mambor, Regent of Manokwari Hermus Indou, Regent of Kaimana Freedy Thie, Deputy Regent of South Sorong Wempi Wely Rengkung, Acting Regent of Tambrauw Engelberthus G Kochu.

In addition, West Papuan People’s Assembly Chair Maxsi Nelson Ahoren, Unipa Rector Meky Sagrim, Community Leader Ayamaru Marthen Nauw, Community Leader Flobamora Clinton Tallo, Binasket Leader Napolion Fakdawer, Ikaswara Jawa Sujanto Leader, Intellectual Leader Arfai Mansel Yafet Inden, Youth Leader Soerse Daisu , Female Leader Lenie M Prawar, Religious Leader Rev. Zadrak Simbiak, and other figures.

Source: Koran Jakarta

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