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Benny Wenda’s Provocative Black Propaganda with the Establishment of the Papuan Intelligence Agency

Benny Wenda’s assertion through media coverage of the establishment of the Papuan Intelligence Agency is an attempt to increase the legitimacy of his weak leadership. As the interim President appointed by himself, Benny Wenda does not have strong support from the Papuan freedom fighters. Therefore, propaganda is the only way for Benny Wenda to deceive the Papuan people and the international community.

Benny Wenda’s empty imagination by announcing the formation of the Papuan Intelligence Agency on July 1, 2022 reflects a tremendous fear that his propaganda so far has failed miserably. The failure of Benny Wenda’s leadership in the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) is evident from the firm stance of the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) rejecting Benny Wenda as the leader of the Papuan independence movement.

This is based on the difference in perspective between WPNCL and The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). The decision was taken after WPNCL mandate holder Ben Yanteo, WPNCL Founder Alex Makabori, WPNCL Member Zet Giyai, and WPNCL TPN OPM Commander Terianus Sato held a meeting in Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Sunday (6/2/2022). Present at the meeting were the commander of the TPN OPM WPNCL troops in the Tabi region, Dance; TPN OPM WPNCL Headquarters staff, Jersi; Commander of the TPN OPM WPNCL, Terianus Sato; and WPNCL Member Maikel Mandabayan, according to Ben Yanteo.

Benny Wenda was also disowned by the head of the non-conformist armed violence group in Nduga, Egianus Kogoya. According to Egianus, he and the armed rebels fought desperately in the interior for an independent Papua, while Benny Wenda and those living abroad played the role of negotiators but only to seek profit from the conflict in Papua.

Carrying out a rebellion with terror to secede from a country with black propaganda bait will never work. Honesty and a straight heart are needed in fighting for the interests of the Papuan people. What the Papuan people need is not hostile sentiments, conflict provocations, and black propaganda selling the idea of ​​independence. The Papuan people need peace in building prosperity and welcoming a better future. Special autonomy and the establishment of new autonomous regions is a very smart solution from the Papuan people which is welcomed by the Papuan government and the Indonesian central government.

There are many variables that have an impact on peace in conflict areas. Benny Wenda’s stubborn attitude which has no basis and is only driven by emotions and lust for power is one of the variables that makes it difficult to achieve peace. This can be seen from several episodes in the Papuan independence movement which proved to be too much influenced by personal interests as shown in the behavior of Benny Wenda.

What can be generally anticipated from a Benny Wenda who often commits lies and mistakes and generally is to distrust him. It was confirmed that the declaration of the development of the Papuan Intelligence Agency was just a fraud to hide the rift within the ULMWP organization.

The Papuan public certainly cannot be provoked by Benny Wenda’s propaganda. Through the expansion of the region which resulted in a number of new provinces, all Papuans have high hopes for the acceleration of increasing progress and prosperity. In terms of political rights, there will be more and more indigenous Papuans who can lead their own regions and even approach the tribal traditions that divide the regions in Papua.

This is as expressed by the executive of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani, that the new independent regional regulation ensures the social and financial rights of the Papuan people in particular, and focuses on equitable distribution of events and equity in Indonesia as a whole.

The local governments of Papua and West Papua and the Central Government have often discussed steps to advance Papua and the welfare of the Papuan people. With the formation of the new provinces of South Papua, Central Papua, and Papua Mountains, close cooperation between the regions and the center is the key to the future success of the Papua region.

In the matter of resolving the conflict in Papua, democracy will be able to answer it and will touch the root of Papua’s problems such as discrimination and racism which are contrary to democratic principles. In addition, development will improve the welfare of indigenous Papuans, eliminate human rights violations and end the debate over the political history of Papuans who have returned peacefully with Indonesia. Special Autonomy which has been running for more than 20 years has improved the Papuan economy, but it still requires further development to catch up with the Papua region from other regions in Indonesia.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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