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Teachers’ unite to improve education

The Jakarta Post
Saturday, November 8, 2008

Markus Makur, The Jakarta Post, Timika

Papuan teachers have been taking part in a jamboree aiming to
build character, increase competency and development to improve
education levels in the region.

Around 200 teachers from 10 regencies and municipalities across
Papua have been taking part in the three-day jamboree, jointly
organized by the Papua provincial administration and mining
giant PT Freeport Indonesia.

Head of the Papua Education and Teaching Agency, James Modouw,
officially opened the jamboree Thursday as a representative for
Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu, who was in Papua New Guinea for a
joint border committee meeting.

Papua shares a land border with Papua New Guinea.

James said the provincial administration’s commitment to develop
the education sector and improve the quality of human resources
in Papua was warmly welcomed by the mining firm.

“Teachers participating from all areas of Papua, whether
coastal, mountainous or hinterland, must focus during the
activities, particularly in mental training and environmental
awareness tasks,” James said.

“In this way, teachers can pass on the knowledge gained through
the jamboree to their students when they return to their schools.

“Teachers working in Papua have to prepare mentally to be able
to serve in remote areas, as well as assist a society in need of

James said this jamboree was an effort to prepare teachers to be
tough while serving in remote areas.

“The jamboree will prepare them for the conditions in remote

“Education in Papua will progress and lift the dignity and pride
of the region, particularly for those living in remote areas.

“I hope teachers from all over Papua take advantage of this
opportunity to update their skills and apply it in their
respective regencies.”

Meanwhile, Freeport’s vice president of community relations,
Demianus Dimara, said the jamboree represented the firm’s
commitment to improving education in Papua.

The jamboree is being held at a former mining site on Mile 21 in
Mimika Baru district, Timika regency. The land has been
reclaimed and turned into a camping ground.

Demianus said the jamboree had focused on increasing teachers’
competence as well as leadership by example.

The opening ceremony saw students from the Puncak Jayawijaya
Foundation’s elementary schools performing Kamoro dances and a
large-scale Yosim Pancar dance.

James also took the opportunity to officiate the Maurupauw
camping ground, located in the former mining site, which is now
open to the public.

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