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Indonesia to boost petrochemical development in Bintuni, West Papua

 11th July 2019

Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA) – The Indonesian government will continue to boost the development of the petrochemical industry complex in Teluk Bintuni District, West Papua. Director of Regional Industry from the Ministry of Industry, Igantius Warsito, said in Manokwari, West Papua, on Thursday, that the government is fostering industrial growth outside of Java.

These target areas include the central and eastern parts of Indonesia, as part of efforts to achieve equal industrial development.

“There are 14 industrial areas, where the development is promoted by the Ministry of Industry, including the Petrochemical Industry Complex in Bintuni. They have been listed in the 2015-2019 National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJMN),” he said.

He believed that Bintuni District had emerged the strongest of all the areas promoted by the ministry, as the investment potential there, through petrochemical development, can reach up to 1.76 trillion rupiah.

Additionally, a methanol factory will be built on 20 hectares of land.

He further stated that the ministry has put in place a master plan for industrial development in the district, and 200 hectares of land are needed to support the entire operation.

He hoped the local government would soon work on the land clearing processes, so that the industrial development activities can begin.

“At least 50 hectares [are needed] for the initial phase; we can begin as soon as possible,” Warsito noted.

He is confident that the government of Teluk Bintuni district is committed and that in the near future, the first 50 hectares of land can be cleared.

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