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Asmat Opposes Free West Papua Separatism

Asmat Tribe (source: internet, image may be subject to copyright)

12 years ago this article I published this article, please read again to refresh our views about Papua and West Papua. 

 JAKARTA [kompas] – Asmat people oppose separatism in the land of Papua and they hope that their land, Papua land, and Indonesia land become a peace zone for all living creatures. Those statement was said by the Head of Lembaga Musyawarah Adat Asmat atau LMAA (the Asmat Traditional Assembly), Yuvensius A Diakai, BA, in a press conference during the launching day of the  Asmat District New Vision at Department of Communication and Information (Depkominfo), Jakarta, Thursday(31/1/2008).“The Asmat ethnic is part of the Unitary State of Indonesia (NKRI) and opposes the existence of separatism in Papua,” Diakai said. “And the most important thing is that Asmat land, Papua land, and NKRI, should be built as a peace zone for all living creatures.”

With the motto “Ja Asmanam Apcamar” (walk in a perfect balance), Diakai and his deputy of  LMAA, Amandus Anakai affirm that the vision of Asmat District is to build Asmat on the pillar of Asmat culture, and NKRI is the final position.

At the press conference, Head of Public Information Agency Depkominfo, Drs Suprawoto MSi, Deputy Assistant Poldagri Baso Amirullah, and vice of Deputy Assistant Polugri Helmi Iskandar were present. (M3-08)

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Edition : Thursday, 31 January 2008 | 13:09 WIB

Additional Information on Asmat

The Asmat is one of around 250s ethnic groups residing in the Papua province of Indonesia. Possessing one of the most well-known and vibrant woodcarving traditions in the Pacific, their art is sought by collectors worldwide. The Asmat inhabit a region on the island’s southwestern coast, totaling approximately 19,000 square kilometres and consisting of mangrove, tidal swamp, freshwater swamp, and lowland rainforest. The land of Asmat is located both within and adjacent to Lorentz National Park and World Heritage Site, the largest protected area in the Asia-Pacific region. The total Asmat population is estimated to be around 70,000. The term “Asmat” is used to refer both to the people and the region they inhabit. (wikipedia

President Jokowi and Asmat People
Asmat Tribe

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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