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Papua Teaching Movement reaches out to Tenedagi Village

Gerakan Papua Mengajar (GPM) a.k.a Papua Teaching Movement is a movement of educating Papuan young generation by sending teachers to the whole region. General Secretary of GPM, Orgenes Ukago said the GPM spread its wings in Kampung Tenedagi, West Tigi District, Deiyai ​​Regency, Papua Province. GPM campaigns and develops literacy in reading and writing to children in rural Papua.

This was stated by Orgenes Ukago when contacted via telephone call on Sunday (7/12/2020). According to him, Papua Teaching Movement formed a Kebada study group in Kampung Tenedagi. “The name of this study group is called ‘Kebada’, which means ‘open’. Anyone can learn and teach [there], for the sake of eradicating illiteracy in the Meepago area, “Ukago said.

According to Ukago, GPM Kebada volunteers teach grade 1 and 2 elementary school children. “They study in the afternoon,” he said.

Ukago explained earlier that the GPM also formed an Ayago study group in Tuguai Village, Paniai Regency. “GPM was also opened in the Waghete City District. For the [learning] schedule, they adjust to the children’s time, “he said.

He said the opening of the study group was to eradicate illiteracy in the Customary Territory of Meepago. “So that children do not drop out of school, and can get proper education. Because, no one is stupid and retarded. The problem is only we are lazy to train young Papuans, “he said.

Ukago said it was campaigning and developing literacy in reading writing to children in rural Papua. “So that our younger siblings are fluent in titrating, not just reading and writing, but how [counting] and digital literacy,” he said.

In the meantime, GPM Chairman Agustinus Kadepa said the organisation was established to provide primary education for indigenous children of Papua. “We extend our program to remote villages so that children in remote areas are not left behind and able to reach their dream,” he said.

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