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Refocusing budget for Papua COVID-19 pandemic

Papua Covid-19 Pandemic news here is a free translation from ANTARA PAPUA NEWS.

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) is still refocusing or changing budget allocations for handling the COVID-19 pandemic in its region.

Papua Provincial Planning and Development Agency (Bappeda) Head Yohanis Walilo said here on Monday that the refocusing is still ongoing because the COVID pandemic is also ongoing.

“We can withdraw money if the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) or technical agencies have submitted a Letter of Accountability (SPJ),” he said.

According to Yohanis, according to the direction of the Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal, the Provincial Government as an extension of the Central Government, in which COVID-19 was the most affected were regencies and cities.

“For this reason, the Deputy Governor of Papua submits this matter to regencies and cities, where the province is only coordinative,” he said.

He explained that the existing budget had been submitted to districts and cities for handling COVID-19, such as helping hospitals and providing health facilities.

“The COVID-19 handling activities and activities are still being carried out so that if the regency / city makes an application and needs to be facilitated, then the budget team together with the COVID-19 team will meet, where after instructions from the new leadership are helped to be followed up,” he said.

He added that the report from the technical OPD was ongoing and was already in, where the budget was reduced according to what was needed so that the funds could be used properly.

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