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Two members of Armed Separatist Criminal Group were shot dead

Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) in Nduga, Papua is very active in carrying out acts of terror and killing of innocent civilians. The following news exposed evil propaganda of the Free West Papua which accused the army of killing the people of Papua.

The District Head of Nduga, Yarius Gwijangge, confirmed that the two people who were shot were members of the group Egianus Kogoya.

The certainty was, following a meeting between the Regent of Nduga and representatives of the 330th Infantry Task Force, representatives of the Kodim and Polsek in Kenyam, Sunday (07/19/20).

“I explained to the public that the victim was indeed part of the KKSB group and not civil society,” the Regent said.

During the meeting, Danki-C Task Force Yonif PR 330 explained the chronology of the incident in detail, including the findings of the evidence obtained.

Danki explained, that the two KKSB members were monitored by the Satgas Infantry Battalion Team 330 / TD PR, around 15:00 CEST, Saturday (07/18/20). The monitoring was carried out, because both of them were suspected of conducting transactions in the surrender of Pistol-type weapons.

After the transaction, the two KKSB members joined a group of people, who would cross the river from Tawelma toward Quari over the Genit village.

“At that time they joined the community crossing and after arriving in Quari, the two people broke away and did not participate in a group of people who were picked up by pickup trucks going to Kenyam,” explained Danki.

Danki continued, the Task Force Team continued to monitor the movements of both of them through the SPR 1 AW Scope Binoculars, until finally it resulted in the shooting and the two KSB members were declared dead.

The Task Force team then conducted an examination and found evidence, in the form of a Revolver pistol with a weapon number S 896209, a cellphone belonging to the soldier that was confiscated by the perpetrators a month ago, a bag of two pieces, machetes, axes and cash Rp. 9.520,000.

“This also needs to be clarified, that these two people have been monitored by the team, and once again that they are KKSB. The shooting was not to members of the community as the news circulated, “said Danki before the Regent of Nduga

For this explanation, the Regent of Nduga conveyed his apology to the TNI and will explain the chronology of the incident to the public.

“Representing the community, I apologize to the TNI fathers who work here, regarding issues and untrue news developing in the community and accusations that the TNI has shot innocent people,” said the Regent

In a different place, Kapog Kogabwilhan Colonel Czi Gusti Nyoman said the meeting between the Task Force and the Nduga Regent also aimed to set the news straight that the TNI shot two civilians in the Nduga Regency.

“So it was an actual incident, and has been conveyed directly to the Regent as the Government,” said Nyoman.

Nyoman added that over the incident, all personnel of the Satgas Pamtas supporting the Yonif PR 330 / TD were asked to increase their vigilance at their respective strong points and carry out combat alert.

“The KKSB movement joins the community as a shield. Those whose names disturb the security of the state must be crushed, “Nyoman stressed.

Translated from Suara News Papua.

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