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Deputy Governor of Papua Ready to Support the Construction of Cenderawasih University Teaching Hospital

JAYAPURA – Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal, said he was ready to provide full support for the development of UNCEN (Cenderawasih University), especially the construction of teaching hospitals that have remained stagnant to this day. Tinal said the Papua Provincial Government together with the Papua Regional Representative Council (DPRP) was ready to provide full support.

“So that the presence of the hospital is able to push its accreditation to the title” A “so that the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cenderawasih can be raised to a higher level,” Tinal said at a discussion titled “Preparing the Future of Papua through the University of Cenderawasih” Friday (24/7 / 7 / 2020).

According to Tinal, the DPRP will help because many of its members are Uncen alumni. “As an Alumni, they will definitely agree and provide support for the construction of the Cenderawasih University Hospital in 2021,” Tinal added.

Tinal was also concerned about the limited infrastructure, educators and expressed his support for the future development of Uncen. The consideration is Uncen many native Papuans who study and develop their human resources.

Tinal said that the Special Autonomy has made the Provincial Government issue an affirmative policy to support Cenderawasih University as a campus that has given birth to Papuan human resources who are intelligent, independent and can contribute to the region. He also suggested that some faculties be moved to the regions, for example in Wamena, Timika, so that Uncen does not accumulate only in Jayapura.

“Conversely, several faculties can be developed to the regions so that we can regulate the spread of population and our human resource development can be directed and far better than today,” he said.

Chairman of the Papuan People’s Representative Council Jhon Banua Rouw also supports the construction of a hospital and other supporting facilities on the Uncen campus.

“We agreed in 2021 we will take action. we help what can be helped. DPRP will communicate all members of the Uncen alumni DPRP, “Banua said.

He claimed the DPRP would discuss with the chancellor with the Deputy Governor to allocate APBD funds as development support.

Special Autonomy has improved dramatically higher education in Papua and West Papua provinces.

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