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Legislator Boy Dawir: There have been many successes of special autonomy in Papua

successes of special autonomy in Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Member of Commission IV of the Papua People’s Representative Council (DPRP) Boy Markus Dawir argues that the success of the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law (Otsus) in Cenderawasih Earth is quite a lot.

“The success of Otsus is a lot, like in the field of education, there are thousands of our children (native Papuans) sent to schools abroad, either sent to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and America. Then sent to Africa, China, to Japan,” he said in Jayapura, Papua, Wednesday.

According to him, in almost all major countries in the world, Papuan children are sent to study there, so this is a form of the successful implementation of Otsus.

“Then there is free education for Papuan children. Apart from that, there is also the distribution of special autonomy funds for religion, such as to church synods, the servants (priests) of God also receive, including Regents and Mayors who have intensive programs for religion and education, including health, and the source comes from funds from Papua’s Special Autonomy, “he said.

Meanwhile, groups or parties shouting for Otsus to fail, asking for a referendum, or asking for an independent Papua, are common things in a democratic country.

“For example, in countries that uphold democracy, such as Australia, Germany and America, such aspirations are normal. Because it is common in the dynamics of a country,” he said.

Like in America, behind the White House there is a special spot area for citizens of the world, not only for Americans but the whole world to convey the aspirations or problems of citizens of the world beside the White House.

However, he said, the group or person shouting Otsus failed. There is indeed a point, because there are regional heads who have left their place of assignment or their area for up to six months and control the government from Jakarta.

There are also special autonomy funds sent to the regents through the Respek program which is now renamed Prospek with a value of Rp. 100 million per village but it does not reach the community.

“This happened at the time when Barnabas Suebu became governor with the Respek program which is now renamed Prospek. Then, there are also districts where billions of rupiah have been lost, but the police and prosecutors did not arrest the perpetrators,” said the Democrat Party politician.

This is what makes people disappointed why the state gives love to the people, but it is eliminated by government officials themselves or state officials. “Surprisingly the authorities did not investigate and reveal this problem,” he said.

Evaluation of Otsus

Boy Markus Dawir who is familiarly called BMD by residents in Papua said
Now President Jokowi’s government together with the cabinet and the Papuan people are conducting a joint evaluation on the Special Autonomy issue which has been running since 2001.

“This evaluation is important for us to do. Today the central government is also revising the Special Autonomy Law which specifically revises article 34 paragraph 6 regarding the end of the provision of special autonomy funds for Papua and West Papua, which states that the 2 percent of the national DAU will end. ends in 20 years after implementation, roughly 2021, “he said.

According to him, the central government has taken steps to propose a revision and has already entered the DPR RI proglegnas with serial number 42 in the National Legislation Program.

“Now in relation to this, the Governments of Papua and West Papua will gather on Thursday this week to discuss, apart from what the central government has proposed in article 34, what should be prepared by the Papua and West Papua governments to fill in other articles, such as the article on people. Papua must be recognized or appointed, it must be written off, “he said.

“There is article 1 letter t in the Special Autonomy Law that must be crossed out. Then the election for the governor, deputy governor, regent, deputy regent, mayor and deputy mayor must be native Papuans. These include articles prepared to be submitted as additional revisions by the government. and the people of Papua, “he continued.

BMD also admits that now Papuans have become masters of their own land, the Kapolda is native to Papua, the Pangdam XVII / Cenderawasih is native to Papua, the Papuan Attorney General is also native to Papua.

“We will fix those shortcomings when we come. Otsus is the best choice given by the government. The shortcomings will be fixed and complete, such as the regent and deputy regent, the Papuan people must be recognized as well. So people who shout Otsus fail. and other than that it is mediocre, it is the dynamics of the state, there is nothing to be afraid of, “he said.

If there is a discourse about a third party being asked to come to negotiate with the government, he said, who is the third party?

“If they are Indonesians who have fled abroad, the matter must be prosecuted first. Then they can talk about something else, so that it is considered fair,” said BMD who is also the Chairperson of the Papua Province Youth Panca Marga (PPM).

Successes of special autonomy in Papua is the key for better Papua.



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