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Papua Governor Lukas Enembe appreciates Telkomsel concern for education

Telkomsel and education in Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe appreciates PT Telkomsel for its concern in the field of education in Papua during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For school children, with Rp. 10, all of Papua can enjoy a quota of 10 gigabytes (GB),” said Lukas after an audience with the management of Telkomsel’s Maluku and Papua Region on Monday at the Jayapura State Building.

General Manager of Telkomsel Consumer Sales for Maluku and Papua Region Alfon Oktrianda said that in addition to the assistance for the learning quota from the government in this case the Ministry of Education and Culture, where students will get 35 GB and for 42 GB teachers, customers of the state-owned company PT Telkom, especially in the region, can get Additional quota, which is a 10GB Study Quota package for Rp. 10.

“This package is used to support the continuity of the teaching and learning process online, where we will continue to socialize this so that all Telkomsel customers can enjoy it,” he said.

According to Alfon, with the spirit of #DiRumahTerusBelajar, Telkomsel is ready to support the adaptation of new habits in various community activities, including the teaching and learning process.

“Telkomsel as the leading digital telecommunication service provider with the widest network coverage in Indonesia, provides the availability of access, capacity and quality of broadband services in accordance with the needs of the community during this pandemic,” he said.

He explained that working together with all stakeholders, his party is present as part of the component of the Indonesian nation which continues to move forward.

Telkomsel always provides support for the world of education, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which is still ongoing today.

In line with programs from the government related to the implementation of online teaching and learning activities, Telkomsel provides support by holding the Independent Distance Learning Program as a solution to equitable access to distance education.

Telkomsel launched a 10GB Learning Quota package worth IDR 10 which can be used to access various online learning applications or sites and video conference services to support the continuity of the teaching and learning process.

This Learning Quota Package can be enjoyed by users of Telkomsel prepaid services from 21 August 2020 to 31 December 2020. Customers can activate this package through the Mytelkomsel application or UMB *363*844 #.

Telkomsel and education in Papua

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