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16 people in Jayawijaya were hit by arrows during a traditional war

West Papua Traditional War

Wamena (ANTARA) – As many as 16 people in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, were reported to have been injured by arrows when they were involved in the traditional war that occurred between the people of Wukahilapok and Meagama Village.

“There were 11 victims from the two groups. On Thursday (10/9) there were 11 victims and five people on Friday (11/9), so that a total of 16 people were injured. Doctors managed to remove arrowheads from the victim’s body,” he said. Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Dominggus Rumaropen in Wamena, Saturday.

According to him, most of the residents who were hit by arrows are currently being treated in their respective villages.

“His family still insists on bringing them home (not being treated at the hospital). So they have been taken home to be treated at home,” he said.

He said police personnel had to intervene for the two fighting groups by firing warning shots, including continuing to convey calls to end the war.

The police chief said police personnel had placed the red and white flag as a boundary so that the two groups did not cross the line and meet, and on Saturday (12/9) the police were still stationed at the location.

“But yesterday afternoon, because it was dark in the forest, one of the parties burned down several traditional houses (honai) again,” he said.

Based on observations, there are groups of citizens involved in the war who do not really care about the presence of the police. They remained alert and equipped themselves with traditional sharp weapons such as arrows and bows, machetes and spears.

Some residents who had previously gathered and were on standby in one place, would move when they heard a code shout from their colleagues who were already on standby in the forest, to start Papua traditional war.

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