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One Price Fuel (BBM) is here in Papua

One Price Fuel (BBM) in Papua

Kompas TV Timika Contributor, Irsul Panca Aditra | Editor Robertus Belarminus

ASMAT, – One Price Fuel (BBM) is here for the sake of realizing energy justice in all regions of Indonesia. One price fuel policy has been proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo since 2016, which is motivated by the high price of fuel in several regions, especially in eastern Indonesia.

Underdeveloped, frontier, and outermost (3T) areas are the focus of the government in implementing the One Price BBM program. To support this policy, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has stipulated Ministerial Regulation (Permen) ESDM Number 36 of 2016 concerning the Acceleration of Enforcement of One Price for Certain Types of Fuel and National Assignment Special Fuel Types.

This regulation mandates that business entities that distribute BBM to establish distributors in certain locations where there are no distributors for certain types of fuel and special types of BBM assignments, so that people can buy BBM at the retail selling price set by the government.

In Asmat Regency, Papua, since 2018 the community has enjoyed cheap fuel prices, after the presence of Compact Gas Station which distributes One Price Fuel. Until 2020, there are 14 Kompak gas stations spread across 14 villages in nine districts, namely Agats, Sawa Erma, Joerat, Atsj, Siret, Suator, Fayit, Awyu and Safan Districts.

This fuel supply point comes from the Merauke Regency Fuel Oil Terminal (TBBM) by taking a multimodal trip by land, sea and river. From the terminal, BBM is transported by tanker, and then by boat, which is taken for several days before arriving at the Kompak gas station which is located on the riverbank. Finally, three compact gas stations in Mumugu Village, Sawa Erma District, Sagare Village, Auwyu District, and Yamas Village, Joerat District were inaugurated by Regent Asmat Elisa Kambu, on Tuesday (22/9/2020).

Elisa expressed her appreciation to Pertamina and various parties who have taken part in realizing the Compact SPBU. Including people who are already willing to give their land to be used as a One Price BBM base. “I hope we all have to be able to protect this place so that it is felt by our children and grandchildren,” said Elisa. Asmat Regency has 23 districts and 224 villages surrounded by rivers.

The mobility of the majority of the people is supported by boats or speedboats, which of course require fuel. Previously, residents bought fuel for IDR 20,000-IDR 50,000 per liter at retail traders. The high cost of fuel makes it difficult for residents to do activities such as fishing. Especially in Mumugu Village and Batas Batu, Sawa Erma District, which borders Nduga Regency, of course this is good news for residents. Likewise residents of Kenyam, Nduga Regency.

The presence of this gas station is very helpful for residents to get cheap fuel prices, and it is easier to reach, with a price of Rp. 6,450 for the premium type and Rp. 5,150 for the type of diesel.

Pastor Hendrikus Rada, Pr said that residents of Mumugu Village and Batas Batu, Asmat Regency, as well as Kenyam residents of Nduga Regency previously wanted to get One Price BBM, they had to go to Sawa Village, Sawa Erma District. That is, if BBM is still available, if not, residents must go to Agats District, which is the capital of Asmat Regency. The travel time to Sawa Village, Sawa Erma District from the Batu Limits is around 2.5 hours by using a fiber boat.

One Price Fuel (BBM) in Papua is President Jokowi’s program

However, when residents return to the Batu Limits it can take 6-7 hours, because they are carrying fuel loads. Meanwhile, from Agats District it can take up to 12 hours. “Everyone goes to Sawa Erma, and if Sawa Erma is empty (BBM-res) or runs out, then all go to Agats,” said Hendrikus.

Now, residents of Batas Batu and Kenyam don’t need to go far to get cheap fuel, because there is already a Compact gas station in Mumugu Village with a premium allocation of 35 KL and a biodiesel of 10 KL. From Batas Batu to Mumugu Village, it only takes approximately 45 minutes, and returns about 2 hours with a load of fuel.

Pastor Hendrikus is grateful for the compact gas station in Mumugu village, because it can reduce the price of fuel that retailers sell. Because, previously, in Mumugu Village, residents bought premium or gasoline from retailers at the price of Rp. 20,000 per liter.

Meanwhile, in the Batu limit it was Rp. 25,000 per liter, and in Kenyam, Nduga Regency it could reach Rp. 40,000 to Rp. 50,000 per liter. “The existence of a Compact SPBU, thus the impact is that the Batu limit price in and in Kenyam will also be corrected, meaning that it can go down unlike the current one,” said Pastor Hendrikus.

Korenilis, who carries fiber boats on a daily basis, said that before the arrival of One Price Fuel, he had to pay Rp 100,000 for 5 liters of premium.

The premium was purchased from a retailer on the banks of the Aswet River, Agats District. He only uses the 5 liters of premium for trips from Agats City to Yepen Village, Agats District, back and forth by a 15 PK fiber boat. “One way to Kampung Yepen and here (Agats) takes about 35 minutes. That is using a boat with this engine (15 PK). But if you use fast speed but also wasteful gasoline,” said Kornelis, met in Agats, Friday (25/9 / 2020).

Since the arrival of the Compact One Price Fuel Station in Agats District, Kornelis said he was happy. Because he only spent IDR 32,250 to buy a 5 liter premium. He is now also able to bring agricultural products such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, chilies and other vegetables to be sold in Agats by using his fiber boat, without having to spend Rp 100,000 per day. “So I am now happy that there is gasoline that is sold at the same low price as in Java,” said Kornelis.

Source: KOMPAS

One Price Fuel (BBM) in Papua

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