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Papua State Electricity Company CSR for the turtle conservation program

Turtle conservation program in Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – State Electricity Company or PT PLN (Persero) provided assistance through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for the development of turtle conservation in Skouw Yambe, Jayapura City, Papua, worth IDR 250 million.

John Yarangga, Senior Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs for the Papua and West Papua Regional Main Unit (UIWP2B) in Jayapura, Thursday, said that the second phase of assistance was his party’s program which aims not only to conserve one of the endangered animals, but also to empower the Skouw community. Yambe and its surroundings.

“This assistance is the beginning of a sustainable program planned by PLN for that location,” he said.

According to John, apart from being a turtle conservation area, the location is expected to be a stimulus for the empowerment of the surrounding community, where his party has a mission in the future that is not only limited to giving, but also has to develop the potential of the surrounding community to become educational tourism.

“This CSR program is one of PLN’s responsibilities to increase its role in society in addition to its main task as an electricity service provider company,” he said.

In line with John Yarangga, Head of the Jayapura City Fisheries Service, Matheys Sibi, said that on behalf of the city government, he expressed his gratitude for the care and attention and support from PLN, this is the second assistance in the context of empowering the Turtle Conservation group in Skouw.

“This assistance is very useful, especially for program recipient groups, where the awareness of conservation management groups to help restore turtle populations is so high,” he said.

He explained that while for the second phase of the continued development, his party would try to finish it as soon as possible, he hoped that this assistance could continue, not only for buildings but also for the surrounding community.

Previously, PLN had distributed phase 1 assistance worth IDR 300 million in 2018, in collaboration with a local turtle conservation group as the manager, the plan is that the location will be used as one of the Turtle Conservation which is also an educational tourism destination for the community.

Turtle conservation program in Papua

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