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RRI Wamena helps Papua students’ education

Papua students’ education

Wamena (ANTARA) – The Papua Provincial Government appreciates the efforts of LPP-RRI Wamena in Jayawijaya Regency to help the education process for students during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for children in areas with minimal internet networks.

Head of the Papua Province Education, Library and Archives Service (DPPAD) Christian Sohilait in Wamena, Thursday, said RRI Wamena’s role for students in the central highlands of Papua was very beneficial.

“I appreciate RRI Wamena because they are one of 7 or 8 RRI stations in Papua who have made a tremendous contribution to education when COVID-19 broke out, with all kinds of RRI events that I always participate in,” he said.

Based on the information received, said Christian, RRI Wamena is planning another traveling teacher program.

“This traveling teacher is very helpful, because the children themselves will see that they have teachers who will teach who will be assisted by RRI. On behalf of the Governor of Papua and also the education office, I give my appreciation to my friends at RRI Wamena,” he said. .

According to him, there are several districts in the highlands of Papua that also find it difficult to implement online learning due to limited internet services, so he hopes that RRI can reach these areas again, through programs that can be monitored via radio.

“We hope that RRI Wamena might start to spread its wings a little more to areas that are a bit deepest,” he said.

The former Regional Secretary of Lanny Jaya Regency hopes that the Central RRI can provide facilities for RRI Wamena in supporting their program, in order to fulfill children’s rights to education.

“Friends of RRI at the center please pay attention to this, we in the mountains need support to get to the farthest places. Either they install the antenna or what is the palace that can support the performance of RRI Wamena,” he said.

Papua students’ education

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