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PLN Timika targets to provide electricity to the capital city of four districts

Electricity for four Papua’s districts

Timika (ANTARA) – The management of PT PLN (Persero) Timika Customer Service Implementation Unit, Papua, until the end of this year targets to be able to electrify four district capitals (sub-districts) in Mimika Regency, namely Agimuga, Kokonao (Mimika Barat), Amar and Potowayburu (Mimika Far West).

PLN UP3 Manager Timika Marthinus Irianto Pasensi in Timika, Monday, said that the construction of the electricity network in Agimuga and Kokonao has been done for a long time, but until now the diesel generators with a capacity of 100 kilowatts each to be sent to the two regions have not yet been carried out.

“For Agimuga and Kokonao, it is indeed our old homework, so far they have been constrained by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the engine is ready,” said Marthinus.

Recently, PLN Timika has held a coordination meeting with the two district secretaries to discuss plans to immediately electrify the two district capitals.

“One of the problems we face, usually if we have to push the machines to the interior, we have to be equipped with an operator who will operate the machine. Currently, the names of operators proposed by the two districts are currently in the selection stage by one of the children. PLN company, “he explained.

The names who passed the selection stage as PLTD Agimuga and Kokonao operators will be trained for some time at PLN Timika.

“For the initial stage, we will train them on how to operate the machine, how to do daily maintenance and introduction to machine tools. We will train them for one week to no later than three weeks in Timika. After that, we push the machines to Agimuga and Kokonao for immediately operated, “said Marthinus.

Another thing that PLN Timika is currently looking for a solution is regarding the availability of fuel to support the PLTD in Agimuga and Kokonao as well as the honorarium for the operators who will be assigned to operate the two PLTDs.

According to Marthinus, the honorarium or salaries of the PLTD Agimuga and Kokonao operators have not been included in the PLN Timika 2020 budget planning.

He asked for support from district heads and village heads in Kokonao and Agimuga to think about the costs of these operators.

“If the districts and villages there are not yet ready, we do not dare to send them because these operators are given big tasks and responsibilities. But if electricity is indeed a vital necessity for the people in Agimuga and Kokonao, the district and village governments can help. in terms of financing for their honorarium, “said Marthinus.

PLN Timika itself will only propose a budget allocation for the payment of honorarium for PLTD Agimuga and Kokonao operators in 2021.

As for the Amar and Potowayburu Districts of Far West Mimika District, PLN is building a Solar Power Plant (PLTS) facility.

Currently, PLN officers are completing the construction of electricity and meter networks to residents’ houses in Amar District and will continue with similar activities in Potowayburu.

He admitted that the problem in Amar and Potowayburu was that not all communities could afford the new connection fees.

“We have coordinated with the Amar District to jointly discuss the issue of this shortage of costs. If the area is included in the 3T (Front, Outermost and Disadvantaged) area, then the cost of connecting the new electricity will receive a 50 percent subsidy from the government. it must be agreed whether it is borne by the district government or the residents themselves, “he explained.

The same policy will be applied to the electricity connection to residents’ homes in Potowayburu, Far West Mimika District.

“We are still targeting all areas where we have installed the PLTS network to be turned on this year,” said Marthinus.

According to the data collection conducted by PLN Timika, there are as many as 400 potential PLN customers in Agimuga, 314 Kokonao families, Amar 233 KK and 55 KK Potowayburu.

Electricity for four Papua’s districts

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