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The Agreement on Quick Control Towards Papua One Price, Here is the Contents

Papua One Price

By: Makawaru da Cunha I, JAYAPURA – The Papua Province Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) Agreement on Rapid Control Towards One Price Papua (Pace Champion) in 2021.

The agreement was signed by Deputy Governor of Papua Province Klemen Tinal, SE, MM and Director of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for Papua Province Naek Tigor Sinaga in Jayapura, Thursday (25/02/2021).

On this Thursday, the twenty-fifth of February in the year Two Thousand Twenty One, taking place in Jayapura City, the master draft of the Papua Province TPID, namely the Rapid Control Towards One Price Papua movement (Pace Juara), has been established.

The main focus in 2021 is stabilization and reducing price disparities through four main pillars, namely, (1) affordability, (2) availability of supply, (3) smooth distribution and (4) effective communication (4K).

Some of the commitments that need to be followed up are as follows:

  1. Affordability of Prices
  2. Optimizing infrastructure to support the sea highway route T-19 (i.e. accelerating the construction of roads and bridges from Depapre to Jayapura city) and increasing warehouse capacity in order to reduce freight costs
  3. Prepare recommendations for the Highest Retail Price (HET) for types of staple goods and other important goods.
  4. Utilizing suboptimal assets to support stabilization programs and reducing price disparities (eg utilization of warehouses, cold storage, agricultural facilities, ships, and commodity processing machines).
  5. Availability of Supply
  6. Increasing the production of strategic foods, especially eggs, chilies, fish and sago (i.e. expansion of production centers, improvement of trade systems, cropping cycles, infrastructure and human resources).
  7. Increasing the quality and food reserves in the fisheries sector (eg providing clean water facilities, optimizing the use of cold storage, providing electricity infrastructure, and improving processing processes).
  8. Compiling a map of the leading commodities and food potential in the district / city.

III. Smooth Distribution

  1. Optimizing the role of BUMD as an extension of the government, a.l. improve the trade system chain, increase cooperation between regions and become strategic partners of business actors,
  2. Improve coordination and cooperation between agencies, especially in overcoming the flow of loading and unloading of goods during long holidays.
  3. Making efforts to provide transportation subsidies, especially in remote areas that have limited access.
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Planning and implementing regular and incidental market operations in the district / city
  6. Disseminate information on the availability of supplies to the public through mass media, electronic media and other media.
  7. Conducting education and outreach to business actors in order to improve institutions to gain access to finance (both from banks and other access to finance). **

Source of Papua One Price news: PAPUA INSIDE

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