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Papua Regional Police Chief Fakhiri: Enhancing the Welfare Approach in Conflict Prone Areas

Welfare Approach in Conflict Areas, JAYAPURA – Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol Mathius D. Fakhiri, SIK, said he would prioritize national programs, especially the handling of Covid-19.

In addition, another important thing is the improvement of the community welfare approach, which is aimed at conflict-prone areas.

“We will prioritize the improvement of welfare,” said Fakhiri, Monday (08/03/2021).

Even so, strict enforcement of the law is still carried out for the security and interests of the wider community.

“We will not take a step back, of course with safe ways, safe ways,” he continued.

For this reason, a strategy to improve community welfare was also developed by involving the role of the Papua Regional Police Chief Brigadier General Eko Rudi Sudarto, who had served as the Head of the National Police’s Noken Binmas Task Force in 2018.

“He will carry out the efforts he previously initiated, including collaborating with the Nemangkawi Task Force assigned to the leadership of the National Police,” he said.

Cooperation and communication were also conveyed to be built in relation to monitoring the use of Special Autonomy funds, so that they are right on target.

“Law enforcement should not make the government stagnate, but the police will be firm if someone tries to misuse the existing budget,” he said.

To deal with this, the Papua Police said they would build communication or synergy to build Papua.

As an official as Kapolda in Papua, he also immediately made adjustments and took steps to respond to the demands of the national agenda.

“I am sure that I will implement all national priority programs and the National Police’s program in Tanah Papua,” he concluded. **

Welfare Approach in Conflict Areas is taken from: PAPUA INSIDE

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