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Understanding Papuan Youth’s Role to Achieving the Sustainable Development

Understanding Papuan Youth’s Role

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir Joko Wododo, continues to encourage equitable development to eastern Indonesia, the Papua and West Papua regions. The Papuan youth also appreciate the sustainable development in Papua as the social justice for all Indonesian people.

Jan Christian Arebo as the Chairperson of the Papua Indigenous Youths said the government’s efforts and attention to develop Papua were good. However, there is still homework to be done so that the Papuan people can prosper.

In a podcast hosted by Danlanud Silas Papare, TNI First Marshal Budhi Ahmadi, Christian said that his party acknowledged that the current government was good at running the government in Papua Province. It’s just that there are still many things that haven’t been improved before.

The homework that Christian meant was the implementation of special autonomy (autonomy) which has not been going well. Moreover, there is no transparency from the provincial or district governments regarding the implementation of the policy on the absorption of funds.

He explained that the implementation of this special autonomy policy was only regulated by the amount of the budget. Meanwhile, what we have to understand is that the government has shown that the current special autonomy budget is quite large, but it has not been managed properly.

On the other hand, certain groups deliberately play the issue of special autonomy to make matters worse. They spread the issue of special autonomy in Papua, if the issue is resolved, then it will develop into other issues.

This issue was played out by other groups who were against the Republic of Indonesia that the special autonomy was over. Once done, they will submit a referendum, and this is wrong.

Christian also invited youths in Papua to attend by opening their minds, views, and insights so that people know that the Republic of Indonesia is final. This means that Papua cannot be separated from Indonesia.

However, of course, the government is also asked to evaluate Papua Special Autonomy comprehensively so that its objectives can be achieved. Since 2001 Papua and West Papua have received regional status with special autonomy for Papua through Law 21/2001 and West Papua through Law 35/2008.

The government continues to be committed to continuing development in Papua. This can be seen from the serious efforts over the last five years from all sectors

In this seminar, Christian considered that the policies carried out by President Joko Widodo were extraordinary. This is evidenced by good infrastructure development.

On the previous occasion, the President’s special staff who is also a native Papuan from the Saireri customary area, Billy Mambrasar, gave a firm response to those who doubted President Jokowi’s commitment to building this Eastern Most Archipelago Earth.

During his reign, Jokowi has prioritized the development of superior infrastructure and Human Resources (HR) as part of a large form of framework for answers to solutions to problems in Papua.

For the development of physical infrastructure, for example, the development of the Trans Papua which is very progressive and transformative, as well as the completion of the Papua Bangkit Stadium with international standards.

In addition to infrastructure, Jokowi has also implemented policies such as “One Price Fuel”, as a tangible manifestation of energy equity in Indonesia. Because previously assessed that there were differences in fuel prices between Papua and outside Papua, the disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost (3T) areas became the focus of the government in implementing the One Price BBM program. As well as another infrastructure that is also being built by President Jokowi is the Palapa Ring optical fiber.

It was recorded that at the end of 2020, Jokowi had targeted the internet to be accessible to Papua and West Papua by encouraging the development of the East Palapa Ring.

Apart from infrastructure, the Jokowi government also cares about and is concerned about improving the quality of human resources in Papua. Indicators such as the Human Development Index in the two Provinces have increased rapidly, the accessibility of education has improved and the unemployment rate has also decreased.

This is certainly a manifestation of the government’s concern for the progress and welfare of Papua and West Papua to become a more dignified territory.

Although we admit that there is still homework for the government regarding policies for Papua and West Papua, President Jokowi has shown the progress that should be appreciated, so that the regions can be more advanced and competitive.

This Understanding Papuan Youth’s Role article is written by Matius Mare

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