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PNG deports Papua governor, two companions for illegal entry

PNG deports Papua governor

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) – Immigration authorities in Papua Province confirmed that Papua New Guinea (PNG) had deported Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and his two companions for illegally entering into the neighboring country.

It is true that Governor Enembe and his two companions were deported, and the Indonesian consulate in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, has issued travel documents in lieu of passport (SPLP) to them, Chief of the Immigration Division at the Papua Provincial Office of the Law and Human Rights Ministry Novianto Sulastono revealed.

The SPLP had been issued on Friday under the name of Lukas Enembe and his two companions, Hendrik Abidondifu and Ely Wenda, Sulastono noted at the Skouw cross-border post.

The immigration office in Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province, is yet studying the case of the Papua governor’s illegal entry into Vamino, he remarked.

Sulastono confirmed that the immigration office was currently holding the SPLP of Governor Enembe and his two companions.

The governor had earlier admitted to entering PNG by motorcycle taxi (ojek) through a small path for medical treatment and therapy.

“I know what I have done is wrong since I crossed and entered the PNG territory through a small path by a motorcycle taxi,” Enembe remarked after taking an antigen test to determine exposure to COVID-19.

Enembe spoke of having departed for Vanimo on Wednesday (March 31) for medical treatment.

The governor was deported in the company of Indonesia’s consul in Vanimo Allen Simarmata. When he arrived in the neutral zone, PNG Consul General Geoffrey L. Wiri and Chief of the Border Affairs and Foreign Cooperation of the Papua Provincial Administration Suzana Wanggai picked him to go to Jayapura.

PNG deports Papua governor news is taken from: ANTARA NEWS

We hope that this incident will never happen again in the future.

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