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Armed group shoots high school student in Papua’s Puncak District

High school student killed

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) – A Papuan armed criminal group shot dead Ali Mom, a high school student, in Ilaga, Puncak District, Papua.

Ali Mom, a student of SMAN I Ilaga, was shot and jabbed on his head on Thursday (April 15) and his motorcycle was set ablaze, Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen. Pol Mathius Fakhiri confirmed here on Friday.

The Lekagak Telengen-led armed group was allegedly behind the shooting.

Before the incident, Mom was called by a person, who asked him to buy betel palm and cigarette and brought it to Uloni Village in Ilaga. However, on reaching the village, Mom was shot on his head and jabbed.

Fakhiri stated that Mom’s motorcycle was then torched.

Villagers and Mom’s relatives were able to move his body only on early Friday at 6:30 a.m. local time and brought it home to Ilambet Village.

The military and police sought the family’s permission to conduct a medical examination on the body before its burial, according to Fakhiri.

Earlier on Wednesday (April 14), an armed group fatally shot a motorcycle taxi (ojek) driver, identified as Udin, in Eromaga, Puncak District, Papua Province.

Udin was shot dead after he dropped off his passenger in the Eromaga neighborhood of Omikia Sub-district. He suffered grave gunshot wounds on his right chest and the bullet pierced his back and left cheek.

On April 8-9, several armed Papuan rebels shot dead two teachers and set ablaze junior and senior high school buildings in Beoga Sub-district. 

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High school student killed news source: ANTARA NEWS

The brutality of Free West Papua separatist armed group should be stop with all means, including thorough investigation to disclose Free West Papua cruelty against West Papuan people.

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