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Sorong City’s floating COVID-19 isolation center becomes operational

Sorong, West Papua (ANTARA) – PT Pelni’s ship KM Sirimau has officially operated as floating COVID-19 quarantine center, after being inaugurated by Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and Sorong Mayor Lambert Jitmau on Tuesday.

Transportation Minister Sumadi in his speech delivered virtually, expects that the ship, with a capacity of up to 460 beds, can be used for treating Sorong’s residents.

Sumadi pointed to the transmission of COVID-19 still being rampant and called on Sorong residents, currently self-isolating, to utilize the passenger ship, operated by state-run sea transportation company PT Pelni.

According to President Joko Widodo’s directives, ministries should collaborate with regional governments to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, Sumadi affirmed.

“We express our gratitude to the Sorong city government, KSP, Pelindo, Pelni, and other stakeholders for their sound cooperation. May this program offer some benefits to us,” he stated.

Sorong Mayor Lambert Jitmau expressed gratitude to the ministry for the assistance.

Jitmau noted that his administration had requested the Transportation Ministry for a ship to be used as a self-isolation facility for COVID-19 patients, akin to what the Makassar city government had done.

“The Transportation Minister immediately instructed PT Pelni to offer the Sirimau Ship for conducting COVID-19 quarantine in Sorong City,” he remarked.

“Once more, representing the public, we say thank you to the Transportation Minister and the President that showed concern for Sorong City,” the Mayor emphasized.

Jitmau urged people that tested positive for COVID-19 to undergo self-isolation at the Sirimau ship.

“Foods and medications during quarantine are free on Sirimau Ship and prepared by the government,” he remarked.

Source: ANTARA News

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