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Build Agriculture at the Edge of Indonesia, Papuan Senator Appreciates Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta Deputy Chairperson of Committee I DPD RI, Filep Wamafma, appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) in carrying out agricultural development from the tip of Indonesia, the Papua part. According to Filep, this effort is the right step considering the agricultural sector in Papua has great potential, especially in supporting increased exports.

As is known, during his working visit to Papua Province a few days ago, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul monitored the harvest process carried out by farmers in Merauke Regency. There, the Minister of Agriculture distributed aid amounting to 19.43 billion. The Minister of Agriculture also encourages Sorong’s sago forest land to become an agro-tourism area. Not only that, he encourages the improvement of the quality of RMU to the printing of thousands of Papuan millennial farmers.

“Of course we support and appreciate the various millennial farmer programs from the Ministry of Agriculture, especially all development activities carried out in Papua,” said the Senator from West Papua, Sunday, September 5, 2021.

With this development activity, Filep feels confident that the standard system of superior human resources, production standards and marketing of agricultural products in Papua is growing rapidly and sustainably.

“Therefore, if we cooperate with various parties, of course the job of instilling a desire for farming in young people can be easier. I hope the government will also continue to build cooperation with BUMN or BUMD,” he said.

Filep added that Papua as a border area with other countries is considered to have great potential in meeting export food intake. This potential, for example, is to export national rice to Papua New Guinea and other countries close to the border.

“I think with the Millenial Farmer Ambassador, our agriculture will have good quality standards and export to other countries,” he said.

Previously, the Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo encouraged Papua Province to produce more superior agricultural human resources who were ready to become young entrepreneurs in strengthening the advanced, independent and modern agricultural sector. According to the Minister of Agriculture, this step is important considering that Papua is a fertile area with agricultural land that has not been fully exploited.

“Today I have come to say that Papua is a great area. Then let’s farm together, because God created this extraordinary land of Papua. The sun shines, the water flows, the land is fertile and the export opportunities are wide open,” he concluded.


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