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HIV / AIDS Cases in Merauke Papua Continue to Increase

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The cumulative number of cases of people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or HIV/AIDS has increased to 2,540 cases in Marauke. Previously, in 2020 there were 138 cases and in January-June 2021 there were 53 new cases that appeared.

According to the Secretary of the AIDS Commission of Merauke Regency, Papua, Damario Sriyono, “The number of cases of HIV/AIDS sufferers is dominantly experienced by housewives with a total of 21.1 percent. Then there are quite a lot of students,” he said.

Damario revealed that so far the information on the rate of spread of HIV-AIDS is not as widespread as Covid-19. And most regrettably, the number of cases continues to increase, while the NGOs working for HIV-AIDS are currently decreasing.

This is certainly very worrying, especially since HIV is a type of virus that infects white blood cells that causes a decrease in human immunity, and AIDS is a group that arises due to decreased immunity caused by HIV infection.

Not only that, HIV sufferers of course need antiretroviral (ARV) treatment to reduce the amount of HIV virus contained in the virus so that it does not enter the AIDS stage, meanwhile AIDS requires ARVs to prevent opportunistic infections with various complications.

In the current situation, for the prevention of this disease, KPA only relies on financial support from the government. “The spread of HIV / AIDS continues to rise, but donor agencies and NGOs for the prevention of this disease have decreased. Even though we still need it,” Damario told

KPA Marauke feels the need to coordinate with related institutions. This is in order to see the enforcement of the Regional Regulation and his party asks that it be carried out. In addition, the AIDS Commission also expects all parties to play a role in prevention and control.

And it is very important for the government to take action to increase, improve and participate in public awareness. Moreover, the current decline in the number of NGOs active in HIV/AIDS counseling requires the support of various parties to increase the capacity of these institutions.


Source: Tempo

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