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SMAN 1 Oksibil Papua Burned by Lamek Taplo’s Separatist Terrorist Group

Separatist Terrorist burned Oksibil 1 High School

Jayapura – The SMAN 1 Oksibil building, Papua, was set on fire by terrorists from the armed criminal group (KKB). The school was burned by the KKB led by Lamek Taplo.

Reporting from Antara, the video of the burning of the SMAN 1 Oksibil building was spread on social media. In the video circulating, KKB claimed they were responsible for the arson incident.

The Head of the Bintang Mountains Police, AKBP Cahyo Sukarnito, confirmed the video confession. The police themselves have visited SMAN 1 Oksibil.

The result, found a 5 liter jerry can containing Pertalite type fuel oil. This gasoline is suspected to burn SMAN 1 Oksibil.

The buildings that were burned were 2 buildings consisting of three classrooms along with teachers’ rooms and offices. The fire spread quickly because the building was made entirely of wood.

Cahyo suspected that SMAN 1 Oksibil was deliberately set on fire to lure the authorities. Footprints around the crime scene were also found.

“We suspect that the perpetrators were deliberately fishing and if the security forces immediately responded, they would shoot from a height,” said AKBP Cahyo, Sunday (12/5/2021).

Source: Detik News

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