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West Papua – asylum seekers and lessons from their existence in UK

Papuan Asylum Seeker – The current Indonesian government has done a very good job in advancing democracy and human rights. However, we should also understand that in the country face of some very difficult challenges. But regardless of how difficult the challenges facing the Indonesian administration are, the stark fact still remains that there are human rights abuses continuing to be inflicted on West Papuans by some in the Indonesian military.

One of the victims of human rights abuses is Benny Wenda and his family who become asylum seekers in UK. It is understandable that Benny wenda was hurt so bad by Indonesian security aparatus. But who didn’t get hurt in the militaristic government of Indonesia before the reform era? Most Indonesian were lived underpressure, many of which suffered human rights abuses. But now change has come, I would say, Indonesia for about ten years 1998-2008 is under the era of transition to fully democratic. The transition by the reform program is reaching the possible peak that Indonesia could touch.

If Indonesia keeps its track of democratization and the starts to treat human rights issue seriously, then Benny wenda will loose his right as asylum seeker in UK, and he must go home. However, I heard that Benny Wenda doesn’t want to go back to his country Indonesia because he was an unemployment and he has a crime record that he must clean up.

Benny wenda’s existence in UK is vital for his personal life, especially for his family. That is why Benny Wenda’s campaign is always about Indonesia’s human rights abuses in West Papua. Objectively, human rights abuses in West Papua is significantly reduced in numbers and quality. So, it is clear that Benny Wenda’s campaign is a matter of survival for himself in UK as asylum seeker. If Benny wenda stop doing that, the immigration officer might start to ask about his status. Is he really under political threat in Indonesia or not?

I am not trying to convince anybody in UK to believe what I am saying. If you want to know about West Papua, please visit West Papua and see the reality with your own eyes. If there are thousand rally for independence, there are millions who  simply want to live peacefully under a proper development program. This is a matter of local politics in West Papua.

If you are still affraid of visiting West Papua, please ask Benny Wenda about his lies, especially when he said about everyday killing, rape, intimidation, torturing, and Imprisonment committed by Indonesian Military & Police. Please ask Benny Wenda the details for every accusation that he made about human rights abuses. There are many local and international NGOs operated in West Papua and they made a report about human rights problem, but they never said something baseless like Benny Wenda.

I suggets al UK citizens to cross check every single words that Benny said with  all channel,  NGOs, human rights activist, Indonesian Embassy, Business, academics, and people who visit West Papua. He is a fake Papuan Asylum Seeker.

Yes, I would agree about the problem in handling pro-Independence movement in West Papua, especailly abou the arrest without any trial. I think it will be better if we concentrate on improving Indonesia’s federal government and West Papua local government respond to independence movement.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, especially if you have any critics about my perspective.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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  1. Related to your article, I would say that is great article. The real fact is in peacefully and safety condition. What Benny has said about killing, raping, intimidation, torturing, etc is used for his group interest. Do not judge something that is untrue of the situation in Papua. Hey! to whom it may concern…all parties in the world, just open your eyes to see the real condition in the reality of Papua. There is nothing happen which is bad or fear there.

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