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EU Not Support Free Papua Movement

The mass media in Europe have never paid huge attention toward the issue as well.

None of the countries in the European Union supports the Papuan independence. On the contrary, the EU stands behind the implementation of the special autonomy in the easternmost province of Indonesia.

“Europe really sides with the fact that Papua is still part of the Republic of Indonesia. It also believes that the special autonomy has been best implemented in the province to improve the life of indigenous people,” Indonesian Ambassador to Belgium, Nadjib Riphat Koesoema told reporters in Jayapura today, May 18.

Nadjib further mentioned that the claims made by the International Law for West Papua (ILPW) and the International Parliament of West Papua (IPWP) saying that European countries agree with the struggle on independent Papua are not true.

In fact, the mass media in Europe have never paid huge attention toward the issue as well.

“Only two out of 736 members of European Parliament were present during the launch of ILWP and IPWP in Brussel, Belgium, on January 26. How could the representatives reflect the parliament’s support [toward the issue]?” he said.

Meanwhile, former OPM Foreign Affairs Minister, Nicolas Messet, said that the ILPW and IPWP are of mediocre levels. “Some people want to exaggerate ILPW and IPWP,” he said.

“I’ve been fighting for the Free Papua since I was young and didn’t make it. Then I changed my view. Papua may develop by implementing the special autonomy,” he said.

UK-based Papuan organization of separatists, the International Lawyers for West Papua, helmed by Benny Wenda continues its struggle to free Papua from Indonesia.

Source: VIVA News

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