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Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning West New Guinea (West Irian – now West Papua).

Recalling also its decision of 6 November 19635 to take note of the report of the Secretary-General6 on the completion of the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority in West Irian,

Recalling further that the arrangements for the act of free choice were the responsibility of Indonesia with the advice, assistance and participation of a special representative of the Secretary-General, as stipulated in the Agreement,

Having received the report on the conduct and results of the act of free choice7 submitted by the Secretary-General in accordance with article XXI, paragraph 1, of the Agreement,

Bearing in mind that, in accordance with article XXI, paragraph 2, both parties to the Agreement have recognized these results and abide by them,

Noting that the Government of Indonesia, in implementing its national development plan, is giving special attention to the progress of West Irian, bearing in mind the specific conditions of its population, and that the Government of the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the Government of Indonesia, will continue to render financial assistance for this purpose, in particular through the Asian Development Bank and the institutions of the United Nations,

1. Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General and acknowledges with appreciation the fulfilment by the Secretary-General and his representatives of the tasks entrusted to them under the Agreement of 15 August 1962 between the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning West New Guinea (West Irian);

2. Appreciates any assistance provided through the Asian Development Bank, through institutions of the United Nations or through other means to the Government of Indonesia in its efforts to promote the economic and social development of West Irian.

1813th plenary meeting,
19 November 1969

Source: United Nations Library

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