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Human development figures show progress in Papua

11:56 am on 18 March 2020 RNZ

Human development index figures are improving in Papuan provinces of Indonesia.

Indonesian and West Papuan girls play in a market in Jayapura.

Indonesian and West Papuan girls play in a market in Jayapura. Photo: RNZ / Koroi Hawkins

Latest figures from Indonesia’s national statistics agency show human development progress in both Papua and West Papua provinces.

For years, Papua region had lagged behind most Indonesian provinces in human development indices, especially in areas of poverty and health.

But the last two years had shown improvements, according to the stats agency.

It said in 2019, the Human Development Index of Papua province reached 60.84, an increase of 1.3 percent from 2018, while West Papua province reached 64.7, a growth of 1.5 percent over the same period.

Among other things, the increases mean slight improvements in the life expectancy of babies born in 2019 in these provinces, now surpassing 65 years of age.

The agency said West Papua province had the fastest growing index in Indonesia.

In West Papua in 2019, children aged seven years have the opportunity to attend school for 12.72 years, an increase of 0.19 years compared to 2018

In Papua province in 2019, children aged seven years have the expectation of being able to enjoy education for 11.05 years, 0.22 years longer compared to 2018.

Information on Papua’s Human Development Index can be accessed here, while West Papua’s can be accessed here.

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