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Feel the rejuvenating atmosphere of Arborek, the Beautiful Tourism Village in Raja Ampat

Once tourists get to Arborek Village, they are able to feel the rejuvenating atmosphere. The quality of the air is excellent, after all. The settlement is located near to the sea, so the breezy wind is quite common there. Not to mention it features a formation of coconut trees and bushes, which are comforting. A wooden pier is available, featuring some gazebos for relaxation. When it comes to the houses, they look simple and traditional. On top of that, the people are friendly.

Among all the tourism villages in West Papua, it is safe to say that Arborek Village is the most popular. This tourism village is situated in Arborek Island, Raja Ampat Regencies, West Papua. The fact that Raja Ampat is currently one of the trendiest tourist destinations in the world definitely contributes greatly to the popularity of this village. However, people love this village and are eager to come back if they visit Raja Ampat again because Arborek village has its own attractive charms.

A sample review of Arborek Village from Tripadvisor:

The corals are wonderful and the fishes are just beautiful. After snorkelling in 4 places (Friwen, Arborek, Friwen Wall and Yenbuba) I can say that the fishes were the most friendly ever. Children were very excited, feeling like in an aquarium. We enjoyed snorkelling there very much. I did feeding the fishes with the rest of our lunch (rice). Funtastic!
Moreover we saw some locals painting the gate “Arborek.” It was orange. Later we met some children and shared cotton bags, stuffed animals, colourful pencils and chocolates. It was our pleasure to see how happy they were like at Christmas. I recommend you to bring small things for them too when you’ll make a visit. There will be big and nature smiles around you.

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Arborek Village in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

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