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The Deputy Governor of Papua Require Pandemic Corona Social Assistance (Bansos) to Use Local Products

The following news on Pandemic Corona Social Assistance is translated from


Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal instructed his staff to prioritize local products when sending social assistance in the form of foodstuffs (agricultural products, plantations and livestock) to the community during the Covid-19 corona pandemic disaster.

“Unless the goods are not sold by local farmers, please do so from outside. But if all goods can be bought from local farmers, it is better to take from them so that there is a velocity of money at the lower level, “explained Klemen, Tuesday (4/28/2020).

According to Klemen all this time for the results of vegetables, fruit and chicken livestock, many residents of Keerom and Koya Regency, Jayapura City are being cultivated. Then freshwater fish by residents of Jayapura Regency.

For this reason, Klemen emphasized his request to the Papua Covid-19 Task Force, which is tasked with distributing social assistance for foodstuffs to make full use of local products from Papua.

This includes opening a soup kitchen for residents and food for hospital medical personnel. According to Klemen, everything must be purchased from local farmers.

“For what, local farmers at the lower levels also get money and everyone can live. “All of them buy from outside and do not benefit them,” he said.

Klemen made sure he had ordered the Papua Covid-19 Task Force to immediately go down to hand over aid to residents in need. More specifically for residents in the category of living below the poverty line as well as private employees who were laid off during the corona pandemic.

He also asked the Papua Covid-19 Task Force to always coordinate with the district and city governments, especially in four regions, namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Sarmi and Keerom.

“Also with the community and harmony for non-OAP residents. “So that those who live below the poverty line and are laid off during a pandemic can be helped,” he concluded.



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