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COVID-19 recoveries in Jayapura comprise 15 children, one adult

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) – Local hospitals in Jayapura discharged 15 children and an adult in Indonesia’s Papua Province on Thursday after they fully recovered from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to a local government official.

The children were hospitalized for 20 days before confirmation was received on their complete recovery, spokesperson of the Jayapura City administration’s COVID-19 Task Force, Ni Nyoman Sri Antari, notified journalists in Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province, on Thursday.

Of the 15 recovered kids, 14 reside in the Hamadi neighborhood, while the other one lives in the Entrop neighborhood, she remarked, adding that from the 617 confirmed cases in Jayapura City, 184 recoveries were recorded.

The Jayapura city administration has ceaselessly attempted to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases. Death toll from this deadly virus has reached eight until now, while 425 inpatients are still under hospitalization, she revealed.

Antari has called on local residents to help those diagnosed with coronavirus, based on the results of their swab tests, by not isolating or bullying them.

“Please, do not isolate them or act in a hostile manner with them,” she emphasized.

Papua is one of Indonesia’s provinces that has incessantly striven to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Amid its ongoing fight, some 52 paramedics reportedly contracted the disease.

Fortunately, most of them made a full recovery, spokesman of the Papua provincial administration’s COVID-19 Task Force, Silwanus Sumule, noted in his recent press statement.

Sumule sought complete honesty and transparency from local community members on their health condition to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to paramedics on the frontlines in the fight against the outbreak.

The spokesman stressed on the pressing need for locals to adopt a disciplined approach in applying healthcare protocols, for instance, by wearing face masks while venturing outdoors, washing hands, and practicing physical and social distancing measures.

Coronavirus infections initially surfaced in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019.

Since then, COVID-19 has spread to over 215 countries and territories, including 34 provinces of Indonesia, with a massive spurt in death toll.

The Indonesian government officially confirmed the country’s first cases on March 2 this year.

To read the source of this news please visit Antara News

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