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Former Mimika Regent Titus Potereyauw Buried at SP 1 Public Cemetery

TIMIKA | The former Mimika Regent, from 1996-2001, Titus Potereyauw died on Monday (7/20) at the Timika Community Hospital (RSMM), Papua.

The deceased was then buried in a funeral home in SP 1, Timika.
Wednesday (7/22) The deceased was buried in SP 1 Public Cemetery.

Before the funeral, a worship service was held at the Stasi St Petrus Catholic Church while releasing the body.

Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob who attended the release in his remarks said, the original son of the Kamoro Tribe was a figure of a warrior who fought to build the Mimika Regency which was previously only a District in the Fak-Fak Regency.

John recounts, in October 1996 when the deceased was appointed as Mimika Regent, there was only one Governor’s Assistant Office created for the preparation of the Regency.

At that time, he said, Mimika was still a forest, there was nothing and nobody wanted to come here.

Including employees assigned to Mimika also refused because they felt Mimika was a discarded area.

“He is the first regent of Mimika Regency. He made the foundation when the district was expanded from Fak-Fak, “the Vice Regent said while giving a speech representing the Mimika Regency Government

“As soon as the regent of Titus Potereyauw built a foundation and subsequently by another regent, everyone struggled to come to defend themselves in this district,” he added.

In the eyes of the Vice Regent, the first Mimika Regent was a charismatic, humble and committed leader.

“He was very obedient to the rules, he fought extraordinary at that time,” he said.

The Vice Regent also gave a special message to the Kamoro people not to sell land to live, but rather to live by cultivating land.

“This is his message and also the bishop’s father (late. John Saklil),” he said.

At the end of his remarks, the Vice Regent expressed his deepest condolences to all the families left behind.

“On behalf of the district government and the community we feel lost and say we are deeply sorry,” he said.

Abraham Kateyau representing the family of the deceased expressed his gratitude to all parties starting from the Mimika Regency Government, PT Freeport Indonesia and also Lemasko who helped the deceased from getting sick until they were buried.

“We apologize profusely to everyone, if there is behavior or speech that is not pleasing from him we apologize,” he said.

The deceased was then taken to TPU SP I to be buried.

In addition to the Vice Regent, there were also present OPD leaders and employees within the Mimika Regency Government, PT Freeport Indonesia Director Claus Wamafma and hundreds of people who took the deceased to the final resting place.

Translated from Seputar Papua.

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