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Manokwari Acting Regent Distributes Superior Rice Seeds to Farmers– MANOKWARI- Manokwari Acting Regent, Edi Budoyo handed over superior rice seeds to farmers and extension workers in Prafi, Manokwari, Papua on Saturday (18/7).

The delivery of superior rice seeds is in line with the commitment of the Minister of Agriculture (Kementan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo to realize national food security amid the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).

The seeds are distributed for planting 147 hectares with a potential of 158 hectares of paddy fields. The delivery of seedlings is done symbolically to the Chairperson of the Setia Joint Farmers Group (Gapoktan) with Manokwari.

According to Manokwari Acting Regent, Mr Edi, the supply of quality seeds that have been proven to be able to increase and intensify the agricultural sector, especially rice in June.

The success of farmers, especially in Manokwari, West Papua thanks to the support of extension workers who are not only proficient in the land, but also able to establish relationships with stakeholders. The fruit of the cooperation that has been established, the farmers get the assistance of 3,675 kg of superior rice seeds.

Meanwhile, Manokwari Director of Agricultural Development Polytechnic, Purwanta said, Manokwari Polbangtan is ready to support improving the quality of agricultural human resources to strengthen the economy amid a pandemic.

“The Manokwari Community Development Academic Community will continue to oversee agricultural activities in Manokwari, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Purwanta said.

He added, students who did the Learning Form Home were given the task of assisting farmers and collaborating with extension workers for the sake of establishing farmers’ regeneration and creating food security.

In a separate place, the Head of BPPSDMP Human Resources and Extension Agency, Dedi Nursyamsi, said that the success of the farmers was seen from his counselors.

“Extension is meaningful, innovative, and the farmers are successful,” said Dedi.

Just to note, the activity continued with the first planting of rice assistance from the Manokwari regency in the Fiscal Year 2020 which took place in Mr. Mispan’s Paddy Farmer Group Makmur, Kampung Udapi Hilir, Prafi, Manokwari, West Papua.

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