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Papua Provincial Government asks Cenderawasih University to study Special Autonomy

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Government of the Papua Province has asked the University of Cenderawasih (Uncen) to conduct a study of Special Autonomy (Otsus), which has recently been widely debated by the Papuan community.

Assistant Secretary for the Economy and People’s Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of Papua Province, Muhammad Musaad in Jayapura on Tuesday asked Uncen to conduct a study of three things regarding Otsus.

“First, how is Otsus, including the evaluation and formulation of Otsus going forward. Secondly how is the development of autonomous regions including expansion and so on,” he said.

The third is connected with the TRC is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in which the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe has handed it over to Uncen and is now just waiting for the results of his study.

“From the results of the study, which is the best, it is clear that with the contribution of Otsus when viewed from the Papua regional budget it is indeed quite large, so this must be discussed also to get around this,” he said.

After Uncen conducts a study, said the Regional Secretary, then his party can discuss it further.

“So it needs to be straightened out that the Special Autonomy does not end, what ends is the Special Autonomy Fund, which amounts to two percent and is equivalent to the national DAU, the funds that end,” he said again.

He added that the two-percent fund equivalent to the national DAU (general fund allocation) would end in accordance with Article 34 of Law Number 21 Year 2001. The amount of which was equivalent to two percent of the national DAU which would be valid for the next 20 years. If it had been established in 2001 then it ended in 2021.

“Then in 2022 there will be no more funds, if article 34 has not been changed. So it is not the Special Autonomy that has stopped, it even continues as usual and this needs to be straightened out,” he said.

The news Cenderawasih University to study Special Autonomy is translated from ANTARA News.

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