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Chief of Keerom Big Tribe supports the Continuing Special Autonomy in Papua, JAYAPURA – Chief of the Keerom Tribe, Herman Yoku, revealed that he approved the continuing Special Autonomy volume two in Papua, provided the central government. He also suggests the conditions put forward by the people of Papua.

This was revealed by Herman Yoku after his inauguration as a large tribal chief in Keerom Regency, Tuesday (07/28/2020).

“Special autonomy continues, the people’s demand is three, first the regulation is changed, secondly, the political rights of Papuans to be masters of their own land must be returned, must be done starting from the village head, regent, deputy regent, mayor deputy mayor must be indigenous Papuans. Third, Ostsus money must be channeled well, directly given to the community, into the accounts of every OAP, “said Herman Yoku who is also a member of the Papuan Traditional People’s Working Group (MRP).

He also mentioned that Otsus volume two needs to amend articles that are ‘unclear’.

“The money position if Otsus continues, then forms an independent authority that will later manage Otsus funds, directly channeled to the community,” he said again.

He also alluded to health services and education in the Special Autonomy era which he said were not 100 percent serving Papuans.

“My message was only that, the money entered the account and the other two points had been conveyed,” he said.

The same thing was also expressed by the youth leader of Keerom Regency Skamto Village, Isak Armi Auparay.

According to him, Otsus Volume two needs to be continued, only distribution needs to be changed.

“The special autonomy fund allocation is distributed per head, political rights are returned and the alignments to the Papuans take precedence given that this area is a special area. Otsus also exists in education and health. In fact schools are still paying, health costs are the same, this must be considered, “he said.

It was conveyed, there was indeed dissatisfaction from Papuans regarding Otsus for that to be needed. **

Written by:  Faisal Narwawan

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