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Flooding in the coastal region of Mimika

Timika (ANTARA) – Flooding in the coastal region of Mimika – Two villages in the coastal region of Mimika Regency, Papua Province, are still flooded, namely Myoko Village, Iwaka District and Aikawapuka Village, Central Mimika District.

Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob said in Timika on Saturday that his staff asked for help from Intan Angkasa’s helicopter to take pictures of the flood conditions in several villages in the Mimika coastal area.

Aerial monitoring was carried out for 30 minutes by Intan Angkasa’s helicopter crew and found that there were still many locations that were flooded due to heavy rains that flushed Timika and surrounding areas in recent weeks.

“Based on monitoring from the air the volume of water in Kampung Atuka which was previously quite high and inundated the entire village has now begun to recede. While in Kampung Aikawapuka and Myoko up to now is still flooded,” said John.

Flooding in the coastal region of Mimika
Aikawapuka Village, Mimika Tengah District Mimika Regency is photographed from the air. ANTARA / Evarianus Supar

Johannes Rettob said his staff had requested the assistance of the TNI and Polri to carry out direct monitoring through the river route to the coastal areas to check flooding in the coastal region of Mimika.

Mimika Regency Government will send food aid to help the affected communities in the villages after receiving a report from the military and police officers who conduct direct monitoring in the field.

In addition to food, other urgent needs for residents affected by flooding are the availability of medicines and health services so that residents avoid infectious diseases such as diarrhea, malaria and others.

When a flash flood struck the Trans Nabire Road area which included PT PAL employee settlements, Kyura Gunung Village, Kyura Pantai, Kamora Gunung and Mimika Gunung since last weekend the volume of flood water that inundated Myoko and Aikawapuka Villages was almost one meter or as high as an adult’s chest height. .

The flash flood disaster devastated the Trans Papua Road section of the Timika-Wagete-Nabire route at several points such as Kilometer 12 and in the middle of PT PAL.

The road made from tailings concrete construction has now turned into a river channel and cannot yet be passed by vehicles because some of the tailings concrete construction has collapsed.

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