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Papua police seize 1,000 liters of liquor in Nabire district

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) – The Indonesian police have continued to crack down on liquor producers and sellers in Papua province and seized one thousand liters of alcohol of the brand ‘Bobo’ during raids this week, a police spokesperson said.

The raids in Nabire district were conducted by a joint team of personnel from the local police, military, and the district’s public order agency, Papua Police spokesperson, Sen.Coms. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, said here on Thursday.

Led by Nabire Police Chief, First Inspector Agus Suprayitno, law enforcers cracked down on liquor sellers in Siriwini and Sanoba neighborhoods as part of efforts to reduce the crime rate in Nabire district, he revealed.

They confiscated 300 liters of liquor from a house in the Siriwini neighborhood, while 700 liters of liquor was seized during a raid conducted in the Sanoba neighborhood, Kamal said.

Last month, police officers in Mimika district nabbed Dani, alias DM, 37, for allegedly making and selling an alcoholic beverage called “sopi”. Another suspect, identified as Y, 40, had managed to evade arrest.

“Y is still being hunted down,” Mimika Police Chief, Adjunct Sen. Coms. IGG Era Adhinata, revealed.

Local policemen raided DM’s house after receiving a tip-off from local residents that DM and Y were regularly producing distilled liquor. The raid operation resulted in the seizure of 15 liters of “sopi” that the suspects had stored in a 20-liter jerry can, he revealed.

The Papuan government has effectively banned the production, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages since 2016, in accordance with the Regional Government’s Regulation Number 15 of 2013.

The regulation is aimed at protecting Papuans from the harmful effects of alcohol consumption, such as loss of consciousness and engaging in acts of domestic violence and crime.

ANTARA has reported on the likelihood of alcohol consumption among local community members playing a role in reducing the life expectancy of native Papuans.

In view of the harmful effects of liquor consumption, native Papuans have been urged to collectively support the liquor ban by supervising the sales of alcoholic beverages at mini-markets and kiosks. 





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