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Mappi religious leaders appreciate special autonomy for the welfare of Indigenous Papuans

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Religious leaders in Mappi District, Pastor Menas Stefi Lambir, assessed that the Special Autonomy (Otsus) policy is aimed at the welfare of indigenous Papuans (OAP).

“We will provide suggestions and input that this special autonomy is a reflection so that it is more pro-small, welfare of indigenous Papuans and away from temporary interests or those that do not advance Papuans,” he said when contacted from Jayapura City, Papua, Friday.

According to him, if Otsus is continued, which is commonly called Otsus jili II, the government should really pay special attention to small communities or people who are less fortunate, so that the development program is more pronounced.

“May the Lord Jesus bless the work of the government with the framework of Special Autonomy volume II for the benefit of the people of the nation and the state and including churches that are growing, working and achieving,” said Pastor Menas who is also the Chairperson of the Papua GBU Class in Mappi Regency.

Meanwhile, the head of the Mappi Regency Indigenous Peoples Organization (LMA), Kepi Elsama, said that if Otsus volume II was continued in Papua, it would be a form of the Indonesian government’s attention to the Papuan people.

“In general, we support the extension and implementation of Special Autonomy Volume II in Papua by carrying out clear and transparent activities accompanied by strict supervision. I urge the public not to be provoked by those who reject government programs in this case related to Otsus volume II,” he said.

He also asked or advised the community not to be provoked by parties who did not want to make indigenous Papuans progress in development in all fields.

“A culture of peace can always be maintained together by the community and do not easily believe and be provoked by news, it is not certain that the truth is that it becomes a hoax in the midst of society which can lead to divisions among the community,” he said.

Kepi ​​Elsama hopes that Otsus volume II can be more specific to help the progress of indigenous Papuans, such as in the fields of health, education, economy and infrastructure.

“The government must have a design that can specialize native Papuans in all fields, there is no bargaining, schools, hospitals, housing infrastructure, empowerment of the people’s economy and so on, all must be devoted to native Papuans, only the level of success can be measured,” he said.

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