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Veronica Koman’s Propaganda

Veronica Koman’s Propaganda is a subjective article, which only based on online research about Koman’s propaganda.

My previous article on Veronica Koman received many pros and cons comments. I wonder why readers of West Papua Blog like controversial case more than news about West Papua special autonomy.

After some online research, I have a conclusion, a quite premature perhaps, that Veronica Koman is a genius propagandist or in other words very skillful in creating counter narratives in favour to her position.

Koman’s Propaganda

Writing about Veronica Koman’s Propaganda is not the same as harassing her. I just want to show some point that may help some confusion.

In contrast, those who attacked her in social media have no sense of the importance of narratives counter narratives impact.

For example, Koman’s propaganda translated from bahasa Indonesia (picture above):

chased, persecuted, thrown away, insulted, stigmatized as OPM, so that their blood is halal. So, this is the “snapshot” of how it feels being a Papuan within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia.

Veronica Koman

There are only two options: surrender or become more militant.

Veronica Koman

A very strong and influential expression that will create an emotional attachment of West Papuan to her. She eloquently shows her sympathy to West Papuan separatists.

Whether her expression is the truth or not is something else. In propaganda, if one successfully manipulated other’s feeling, then it can be accounted as a success.

Examples of Koman’s Propaganda

In defending herself against LPDP (please read VK vs LPDP), she used the term Financial Punishment. She further degraded and humiliated Indonesia by NKRI Harga 773.876.918.

Veronica Koman tweet
Veronica Koman tweet

Isn’t that brilliant? All very simple and powerful.

One more example of her propaganda is revealing evidence supporting her arguments that the case against her is political as shown below.

Veronica Koman tweet

Can we trust Koman?

Actually, nothing serious really happen around Veronica Koman’s case. She is a kind of person who do anything to pursue her ambitions.

As you can see from the picture below, she can wear love Indonesia t-shirt and she can also wear Free West Papua t-shirt.

The picture paints a thousand meaning of what Koman’s did. For me personally, she can’t be trusted. I am not sure if she is a traitor to her country or she is simply a great pretender.


There are certainly telltales that untrustworthy people like Koman almost always exhibit. I would like to share some thought about why Koman is an untrustworthy person.

First, lies to herself. She is trying so hard to create a perception that conforms to her desires rather than to reality. For example, she describes herself as a good citizen who deserve government scholarship, while her behavior is disruptive, arrogant, and confrontational.

Second, breaches confidentiality. Some of Koman’s propagandas have some degree of confidentiality. Without hesitation, she provokes conflict by contrasting different information in order to maximize the tension between conflicting parties (police/military vs separatist).

Third, shows a lack of sympathy/empathy. Koman may show great sympathy to West Papua separatist group in the name of human rights. However, she doesn’t care about the impact of violent conflict and the killing by Free West Papua armed wing against ordinary people in the region. People who lack empathy are among the most volatile and dangerous people of all.

Fourth, Koman’s emotional state is volatile. We can easily observe this from the way she expresses her feeling, including the words that she chooses.

Koman called New Order as dog and faker
Koman admitted that she is arrogant
Koman on Omnibus Law

Veronica Koman’s propaganda someday will diminish because of too much lies. If Koman read this article, I assume she will not get angry or emotional because this article only showing some part of her unpredictable behavior.

Comment is always welcome.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

4 thoughts on “Veronica Koman’s Propaganda Leave a comment

  1. Nurani @VeronicaKoman telah dikalahkan oleh kelicikannya sendiri untuk mempertahankan kebohongan demi kebohongan.

    Semoga seluruh rakyat Indonesia sadar bahwa kebebasan berpendapat dan msalah HAM adalah masalah kita bersama yang harus diselesaikan bersama dan bukan untuk mengangkat segelintit oportunis seperti Koman dan kawan-kawan.

    Agak aneh juga melihat fotonya dengan tulisan gagalkan omnibus law.

  2. Wow, a different kind of critics toward Vero !!
    congratulations Indonesia!

    You should look at yourself before attacking veronica.
    When will Indonesia seriously protect its own people from racism, discrimination and power abuse ?

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