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Yalimo Election Commission: The campaign schedule for local election has not yet started

Papua local election

Wamena (ANTARA) – The General Election Commission (KPU) of Yalimo Regency, Papua Province confirmed that the campaign stages for prospective participants in the simultaneous regional election on December 9, 2020 have not yet started.

Chairman of the KPU Yalimo Yehemia Walianggen by telephone, Monday, said that currently his party is just entering the stage of announcing the registration of prospective candidates.

“The campaign schedule for September 26 is still long. For the issue of this campaign, the stages are not yet, so we are now focusing on announcing candidate registration and receiving candidate registrations,” he said.

He said the stage that is currently running until September 3 is the announcement of candidate registration, which contains the requirements for nomination and candidate requirements.

Announcements have been made in the mass media, on bulletin boards at the local KPU office or through billboards posted in public places.

“Currently there is no campaign. They have to register first. This means that after they register, there are still several stages that we will go through, for example health checks, factual verification, and then the determination of candidate pairs,” he said.

One of the stages that coincides with the announcement of candidate registration is updating voter data. Submission of voter data to the KPU will open on September 2-4.

“The KPU will later recapitulate the determination of the provisional voter list this September. So the time for these two stages will coincide,” he said.

The former head of Bawaslu Yalimo said that the announcement of candidates who passed and did not pass would be made on September 4 to 6.

Papua local election is a undoubtedly a democratic way to elect Papuan leaders.

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