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Religious leaders invite Papuans to monitor the use of Papua development funds

Monitoring Papua development funds

Jayapura (ANTARA) – A religious leader in Papua, Rev. Frans Vokames STh, invited the community to oversee and supervise the allocation and use of development funds in Papua.

“To all people, both the government or users of the budget that the central government has given to the community, it is hoped that it will be used properly. Use the funds to serve the people well, keep it away from personal needs,” said Frana when contacted from Jayapura, Papua, Sunday. .

“When we are wrong in using this fund, God will hold us accountable. To those who are entrusted with managing and managing the fund, it must be done faithfully, fairly and well, so that your reward will be given by God in your personal and family life, “he continued.

Pastor Frans gave an example of the Village Fund that has been given by the central government to promote the village or village, which must be able to provide welfare for the people.

“For this reason, I invite the community to jointly monitor and supervise development using Village funds. If the community participates, the supervision of the Village Fund will be further enhanced and development can be more effective and efficient,” he said.

If there is a deviation in the Village Fund development activities, it can be reported to the Papua Police Polda Cyber ​​Pungli Task Force.

“If fraud is found in the use of the Village Fund, it should be reported to the authorities,” said Pastor Frans.

Rev. MPA Mauri S.Th

In the same vein, Rev. MPA Mauri S.Th as the III Chairperson of the Papua Province Association of Churches (PGGP) encouraged the Papua Provincial Government to manage aid funds from the central government properly.

According to him, transparency in managing financial assistance is considered very important and has an impact on the public’s assessment of the performance of the regional government.

“I think the government should be able to manage and use the disbursement of financial assistance properly for the Papuan people, because these funds are what make a big contribution to the progress of Papua,” he said.

Regarding the special autonomy funds, Rev. Mauri assessed that it must be used with a full sense of responsibility, and focused on aspects of Education, Health and Infrastructure in Papua.

“Monitoring Papua development funds must be full of responsibility, that’s why we need to jointly guard the distribution of aid, so that the funds are right on target,” he said.

Source: ANTARA

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