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PT PLN Wamena lowered the cost of adding power

State Electricity Company

Wamena (ANTARA) – PT PLN Wamena in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province has reduced the cost of adding power from Rp4 million to Rp170,845.

Head of State Electricity Company UP3 Wamena Robert Mofu in Wamena, Friday, said that reducing the cost of added power is a government policy to help people in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“On this National Customer Day, the government through PLN launched a stimulus program that can help customers, for example” super wow “, which is the addition of customer power, which only costs Rp170,845 to be quite far from the usual. Usually it is up to around Rp. 4 million more. , now the customer only has to pay a hundred thousand, so it can add power, “he said.

Robert Mofu said the low-cost added power program has been running since August and will end on September 30. He hopes that the community will take advantage of the moment by coming and registering at the local PLN office.

“Please customers who need additional power, if the electricity is still lacking and the limit often falls, please contact us, don’t have to contact the broker,” he said.

He said that 150 customers spread across the Wamena PLN operational area have been served for additional power at low cost. According to him, the people of Yalimo Regency can also register to add power because Yalimo is still part of the Wamena National Electric Company.

Another program run by State Electricity Company during the corona pandemic is to provide token subsidies or free electricity to customers with a capacity of 450 VA and a 50 percent subsidy for customers with a 900 VA meter capacity.

“Also today, there will be a stimulus in the form of a reduction in electricity bills, especially for business, industrial and social tariffs,” he said.

Through this electricity bill reduction stimulus, PLN ensures that customers only pay the cost of electricity used.

“So what customers usually say is that they usually use 40 hours of power on, for example, the usage is Rp. 2 million. Now, for example, what they use does not last for 40 hours, they still pay Rp. 2 million, but with this stimulus, customers do not have to pay 40 hours of power on. , so he pays according to usage, “he said.

A PLN customer in Wamena, Linda, said that in the last two years his party was planning to change the name of the electricity customer, but the cost had reached IDR 5 million.

“But today there are bonuses and prizes for us customers, it (name change) is waived (no fee) until the end of September,” he said.

The manager of the MAF Indonesia Foundation admitted that he had coordinated with PT PLN Wamena and their complaints would be realized on Monday (7/9).

“We will complete all the requirements for the name change and it will be assisted in changing the name from the previous name to the MAF Indonesia Foundation and there is no cost that we have to pay,” he said.

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