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35 prospective pairs of candidates take part in the regional elections for 11 districts in Papua

Papua Regional Elections

Jayapura (ANTARA) – A total of 35 regent and deputy regent candidate pairs took part in the regional elections which were held in 11 districts in Papua.

Secretary of the Papua KPU, Ryllo A Panay, told ANTARA in Jayapura, Monday that, from the data collected, it was recorded that 35 candidate pairs who received support from political parties and individuals had received their files and declared to have participated in the next stage.

The 35 candidate pairs who will compete in the regional head elections in 11 districts, namely, in Keerom Regency, three candidate pairs, respectively Yusuf Wally-Hadi Susilo, pair Piter Gusbager-Wahfir Kosasih and pair Muh Markum-Mavensius Musui.

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Supiori Regency, namely the candidate pair Ronny Mamoribo-Albert Rumbekwan, Obeth Rumabar-Daud Masiran, Ruth Rumkabu-Piet Pariaribo, Jacobus Kawer-Salomo Rumbekwan and Yan Imbab-Nichodemus Ronsumbre, Waropen Regency consists of Olen Daimboa-Yeheskial Imbiri, Yusak Wonateray-Muhamad Imran , Yermias Bisay-Lamek Maniagasi, Hendrik Wonateray-Korinus Reri, Nabire Regency, namely the candidate pair Mesak Magai-Ismail Djamaludin, Yufinia Mote-Muhammad Darwis, and FX Mote-Tabroni Bin M Cahya.

Then Asmat Regency will be candidate pairs Elisa Kambu-Thomas Safanpo and Yulianus Aituru-Bonefasius Fakyu, Boven Digul Regency namely Martinus Wagi-Isak Bangri, Yusak Yeluwo-Jacobua Waremba, Lukas Ikwaron-Lexi Wagju, and Chaerul Anwar-Natalius Kaket, Merauke Romanus Mbaraka Regency -Riduwan, Herbertus Silubun-Silubun-Bambang Setiadji, Hendrikus Mahuse-Edy Santoso, and Herman Anitus Basik-Sularso, Yahukimo Regency consists of candidate pairs Didimus Yahuli-Yahuli-Esau Miran and Abock Busup-Yulianus Heluka, said Panay.

He added that the regional elections in Mamberamo Raya Regency were followed by candidate pairs Jhon Tabo-Evert Mudumi, Kristian Wanimbo-Yonas Tasti, Robby Rumansara-Lukas Punny, and Dorinus Dasinapa-Andi May, Bintang Mountains Regency namely Spei Birdana-Pieter Kalakmabin and Constan Oktemka-Deki Deal . Yalimo district includes Lakius Peyon-Nahum Mabel and Eri Dabi-Jhon Will, he said.

Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Kombes Ahmad Kamal, separately admitted that the situation of kamtibmas in the 11 districts that carried out the pilkada stages was safe under control.

There were no prominent reports during the registration process for candidates for regent and deputy regent, he added.

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Papua Regional Elections

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