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RRI Jayapura provides COVID-19 news content every day

COVID-19 news in Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Public Broadcasting Institute (LPP) RRI Jayapura provides news content about the corona virus (COVID-19) every day, especially in relation to appeals for people to avoid disease.

Head of the RRI Jayapura broadcast program, Hj. Darmawati Tahir in Jayapura, Monday said that there was no special package for long-duration production for the community’s invitation regarding COVID-19, because it had to be in accordance with the production sector, namely from the Directorate of Production at the LPP Central RRI. But news content about corona is provided every day.

“So what we made was like PSAs, fillers and also vox pop. Those are PSAs and filers so that people know, for example, do you know, so that listeners know. Vox pop is also the opinion of the public, how RRI broadcasts during the COVID-19 pandemic. , “he said.

However, he said, broadcast materials related to COVID-19 almost every day. News from fellow journalists in Pro One, developments in recovered corona cases, whose clusters have increased and others.

“That is usually followed up with a dialogue in the morning after the headlines are broadcast on the morning news. Dialogue is carried out with the head of the COVID-19 group, the relevant apparatus, the Deputy Mayor of Jayapura,” he said.

He said, related to new normal life (new life order) has also been discussed in the dialogue so that even though people are given freedom but still adhere to health protocols. News content related to corona is still broadcast every day.

“Our broadcasters also always convey both through appeals from live broadcasters and also through ILM productions, appeals from the public to live healthy, appeals. We do make it like that,” he said.

Darmawati explained, news content related to COVID-19 is conveyed every day to the public because indeed the public’s understanding is different about corona, some do not believe it, some are indifferent, some are because they have been victims they have been treated and can tell their families that this really exists, should not be taken lightly.

Not to mention, he said, journalists looking for news related to corona by interviewing competent sources to explain about the development of corona in Papua.

According to him, in the framework of the RRI-75 Anniversary three days ago, he said, there was an event initiated by the Program and Production Division of the LPP RRI with the theme “Freedom from COVID-19” because the school studied online for seven months. So, what is being targeted by the Program and Production Sector is elementary school age class III and VI.

How their own work tells the story, the COVID-19 pandemic has made them unable to make friends, teachers, unable to carry out activities, face to face at school. For that, this program is entitled “freedom from COVID.” How can everyone get out of the corona pandemic in Indonesia, the child remains enthusiastic.

“The activity was carried out in a virtual way because they could not meet face to face. LPP RRI Jayapura made an assessment, and they sent the story via wasthap. We conducted an assessment with the jury, we heard the audio,” he said.

Through this activity, he added, they talked about anxiety, how do they hope to get out of COVID-19, the annoyance over the situation took a long time. This activity was carried out throughout the LPP RRI in Indonesia.


Radio of the Republic of Indonesia = RRI

COVID-19 news in Papua

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