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RRI instills national awareness for children in the interior of Papua

National awareness in Papua

Wamena (ANTARA) – Radio of the Republic of Indonesia (RRI) in Wamena in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, instills awareness of the nation in early childhood in the interior of Papua.

The Head of the LPP-RRI Wamena Station, Engelberthus Silubun, said via telephone on Tuesday that RRI had begun recruiting young broadcasters. Through this program, he hopes that children’s national awareness will begin to be filled when they grow into adulthood.

“The program we have created is to also recruit young broadcasters. Indeed, if you want to say the effect is direct, this is not possible because instilling a national insight is something that requires a long process and process,” he said.

To instill a national insight into the community, especially children in an environment where there are conflicting views, according to him, requires the involvement of all parties, including the local government.

“What we have now, including the regional government, think about creating a program to grow it, that’s why I told several figures that we coach them, educate them, even though our reach or to embrace all of that takes time and process, but if not we start, when to do things like this, “he said.

Through the little broadcasters program, RRI will provide an understanding of National songs, the national anthem for children of elementary school age.

“From the poetry taught to them, at least there should be a sense of nationalism, a sense of nationalism, giving diversity because our job is not only to provide entertainment but also to educate through spots, dialogue to be able to grow, although it is not as easy as turning the palms of our hands, but every stakeholders must contribute, including RRI, “he said.

According to Engelberthus, RRI Wamena always strives so that the process of cultivating children’s nationalism is not based on intimidation or coercion, because it can turn into a time bomb.

“So from the basis of these children we need to wake up, do something and they feel that what we are doing is beneficial for them, so in my opinion, that’s where they will feel they are a part too,” he said.

National awareness in Papua

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